Earlier today, while i was on my way to the office, I've done another kalokohan yet in full geishan passion.

I was at the jeep when something unexpected happened on my foot. A tall, exotic woman with dangling earrings, garb with a faux fur scarf (akala nya cgro nasa new york sya), with a vintage (ukay cgro yun) gray trench coat, accidentally (or should i say, intentionally) step on my onesimus leather shoe (nax! lols).

With utmost humility and care, i discreetly pull out my shoe from the pierce of her old, scratched red stiletto. To my surprise, she doesn't seem to care the movements i made to free my shoe from bondage.

After few failed attempts, i finally decided to show her the geisha in me with humility, elegance, gentleness and of course again, in full geishan passion!

"miss pag bumaon ba 'tong siko ko sa pisngi mo tatanggalin mo din ba yung sapatos mong nakabaon sa paa ko?

Well, she said sorry and i stepped out with dignity!

Thank God napigilan ko galit at hindi ko nilagyan ng black eye and mata nya using my siko!

It's another achievement for today!


  1. bwhahahhaa, im sure edited version eto. hehehe.
    what really transpired would amaze the readers pero if this is the new image that the geisha wants to project so be it. bonga~

  2. mare naman wag mo kong ilaglag! hahahha

    i do have an image to portray and am getting there kaya lang lumalabas talaga minsan pangil ko! hahahhahahahahah

  3. i cant wait to hear about the real version!!

  4. ahahahhahah ang totoo nyan... siniko ko talaga sha pero di sa pisngi nyang parang abs.. sa tagiliran lang... Chozzz!


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