My friend once asked me.
"Your b-day is near, what are your plans now that you'r another year older?'
"...It's an awesome 24th year of existence! .."

Pakshet na tanong! Nakakasira ng mood. Nakakataas ng presyon ng bloody mary.
Eh ano ngayon kung tumanda na naman ako ng isang taon? Gusto mo suntukan?
Sarap sana sigawan eh kaya lang friend ko sya and i treasure the question a lot.
Sa totoo lang, napaisip ako ng bonggang-bongga! Biglang nag flashback sa akin ang mga taong sinayang ko sa panlalalaki. (lols) Biglang naglitawan ang tila'y mga alitaptap sa kalangitan, kumikinang, kumukutikutitap at nagmumura! Pakyu daw sabi sa akin.. heheheh
Seriously, that question was like an eye opener for me. I came to a point of nirvana. Yung tipong shit! Ano bang nagawa ko last year? May maganda ba 'kong contribution sa mundo last year? Mga ganung tanong na tanging si San Pedro lang ang may alam. Yoko namang magpasundo sa kanya this early just to know the answer di ba? Scary yun...
Ganito na lang...
Allow me to sum up my 24th year reign as a geisha in a fahionable way. Gawin nating turning-over-of-crown to the next title holder drama. Pero i wont be giving it to anyone though dahil ako pa rin naman ang bida dito! Tseh! Yung tipong may nagsasalita habang naglalakad ako sa stage with a morimoto crown. Kasabay ng unti-unti kong paglitaw mula sa ilalim ng stage gamit ang hydraulics churva, ipi-play ang fave song ko na pampatay - Con ti Partiro! Pak! Pak! Pak! Achieve na achieve  di ba? Parang state of the nation address lang!
My 24th year was was an opener for me to the real world that's chaotic and full of hardship. At the same time, it was a year so great that the heroine side of geisha has once again functioned to the fullest.
I started my 24th reign by digging my inner self. It has always been my mission to know my limits and strength. It was during this reign that i fell in love and eventually fall out love. The year has been harshed for me in matters of the heart. I was never lucky whenever i invested my feelings into someone. But it made me stronger. I realized the art of moving on and practised abstinence for the longest time. (char).
The year also ignited the patriot in me. I've been concerned with political affairs and my brave political commentaries has been qouted here and abroad. The socio-political contribution i had separated me from the usual gay talk i on my blog. People started to notice a different side of geisha. And i became brave in search for the truth.
An in-born beauty queen, i was able to harness and hone the congenial side of me. Meeting a lot of people feels great. But no one could ever equal one's concern by helping a weary heart and eventually saving one's life through one blog post.
The death of my lola a month after my coronation devasted me in all its sense. I was severely affected emotionally and physically. I loss not only caring and objective lola. I felt like losing a dear friend as well. It was also during this month that the world grieve for the loss of Tita Cory.
Geishan ire was also at its peak. Whether its at work, public places or even in private gatherings, the geisha never fails to show her angst and canines.
My health has been fantastic. It boils down to my healthy lifestyle i guess. Never had any serious illness other than some sore throat that hinders me from meeting some gigs. And of course, I also make sure I party hard and joined some advocacy that matches my interest. I have also showcased my talent to the world.
Nature was never kind on the first quarter of my 24th year. Calamities are all over the world. However, the word reselient is synonymous to being a Filipino. Thus, despite Ondoy and all its tentacles, the geisha remains vibrant as she faces great floods and calamities.
Not only that the whole country was shaken during the times of calamities. Every heart was also touched by how Filipinos showed empathy and kindness to those in need. This inspires me to stage an ambitious geisha project. From its conception to gathering of donations up until gift giving. I was overwhelmed by the influx of ideas and donations to realize the plan. I am very thankful for some kind and generous heart who made my project a reality.
It was the third quarter of my reign when i decided to find another job. Something that would utilize my full potential. I started looking for a   company that recognizes hardwork and intelligence and compensate every effort an employee made for its further revenue. However, i felt like Aegis remains my confort zone.
In a clamor for enlightenment, i resort into some out of town trips so i could further think about leaving my current job. It was during one of my travels when i met  a typical native and eventually won my heart. But because our wavelengths are pathetically different, the relationship fails. Exciting isn't it? Mock me!
After thorough deliberation and sleepless nights, I finally decided to quit my job and signed a contract at HIlton. A job i so fucking deserve having a full length of experience into travel and hospitality.
During my 24th reign on my kingdon called geisha diaries, I am proud to say that I have matured now.
I became empathic to the needs of other people and am trying to lessen the geishan ire that's within me. I am also more congenial this time than ever. And have gained real friends along the way.
It's an awesome 24th year of existence! Am turning 25 and hopefully another fabulous year ahead!
So help me God!

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