I know this may sound stupid of me telling you a story that would put myself in a bad situation. But who cares? I ain't a politician that aims for another term or aimed at getting enough vote for the next Blog Awards! Heheheheh

Palm reading, anyone????

This experience may sound very technical but allow me to explain some terms along the way.
So here we go.
A customer called to guarantee her reservation. Technically, she already have one and was already on hold for same day check-in. And now she told me that they're already sure that they can use the room.
Needless to say, she still needs to pass through security questions for verification. She gave her confirmation number, phone number and all.
Best practice: Since she already made a reservation using her card to hold the room, the customer need not call me to guarantee the reservation since its already guaranteed.
However, getting zero sales out of 33 cancellation calls and reconfirmation, makes me tick. So i did a magic without telling her the truth. I lied so to speak!
I booked her a new room out of her stupidity and eventually got a sale. To avoid duplicate reservation, i cancelled the old one.
The customer was very glad and happy to have a guaranteed room and i was so glad  I had a sale. One sale at least.
But magics like illusions are oftentimes busted! And i had a fair share when the quality analyst saw what i did!
And I was coached severly but lightly. I didn't even bother listening to the call coz i already knew what it was.
First magic ever and was busted!
And i promise myself never to do magic again.
I'll just settle for my own gift other than magic.
Palm reading, anyone????

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