I finally got a chance to update my blog! Forgive me for the hiatus. I never meant to offend you nor did i imply you to find another website to hang on. Busy is the word!

Thanks for MOA's free wifi! But i was surprised! You need to register now before you'll have it for free! hmmmm sounds rubbish ryt?

Lemme start by defining the word BUSY!

B is for Bayot! No im kidding. It stands for Beauty, Brains and Breeding! Do i need to explain?Hahahahah

My current work schedule is quite lovely. It starts from 1pm to 9pm thus i have a complete 8-hour of sleep daily and even more than that. My work itself requires a lot of Brain cells to function. Its basically similar to my English 3 lessons back in college. And thanks god i had units in secondary education major in English. Every topic is more of a review to me and am loving it. Now here comes the Breeding part. Because most of us are no longer virgin, it requires a lot of good values to mingle with people you just know. Values that are integral in every endeavor with humans. And because my mom raised me well, my rearing as a god fearing geisha helped me a lot.

U is for Uncertainty. We all have dreams we want to pursue. At times we need to take a whole lot of risk to make those dreams come true. For now, am still uncertain of what lies ahead. But am always positive to it. I know I have the edge in making these dreams come true. In time, i wish i'd be a trainer or even a team lead. And i'm currently working on it!

S is for Security. 6 months more to go and i can say am uberly secured here. The health benefit is great and the pay? God! Its ginormous! Dont ask how much!

Y is for Yearning. Yes am still yearning for experience. A lot of experience thats is why i accepted the offer. No need to explain.

That's it ladies and geishamen! Expect for more stories about some training stuff. Right now, am having fun and i love it.


  1. Why not! enjoy the goodlife! ;)

  2. so happy for you. layas tayo bilis. i need to buy a dildo, fast

  3. miss you po..napadaan lng ulit..


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