I thought I won't see the beauty of rainbow's colour in my lifetime. I thought its unreachable, vague and halo. But am wrong. The colours are hot, smooth and shiny. It smiled at me on some point and now am living with the happiness it brought
I've always been skeptic with the idea of homosexual relationship. I am geisha and i knew its quite odd hearing that phrase from a certified geisha like me. But odd as it may seem, I can do nothing about it because that's what I've been living for within my existence. And so the story goes.
It wasn't until lately when all my confusions, bitterness and skepticisms are answered. It was then i realized that for me to change that stupid perspective is to experience what the rest of the community lived with. And i guess there's no harm in trying and so i did! 
At ngayon ay binubuo na namin ang aming mga pira-pirasong pangarap sa mundo ng mga mortal. Parang fairy tale kasi ang nangyari. Parang matagal na kaming magkakilala. Parang close na agad kami. Kung tutuusin isang gabi lang kami nagkakilala during my 'pamumundok series: in search of native chicken and wild boars'.
Siguro nga inlove ang geisha!
[insert Bad Romance here]
Want your bad romance


  1. landi! but am happy for u!

  2. bad romance? hahahahhaha
    ra ra ra ra ra
    roma roma ma! gaga!

  3. Yikes! i am happy for you! :)

  4. Anonymous said...
    landi! but am happy for u!

    -alam ko ikaw si Belle! hahahah nahuli kita.. thanks ateh!

    Anonymous said...
    bad romance? hahahahhaha
    ra ra ra ra ra
    roma roma ma! gaga!

    -ikaw sino ka?

  5. @cliogoddess

    mare, Club INdio muna tayo dun ko kwento lahat! tapos concert tayo ;)

  6. kinsa ni oi? animal ha.. mao cgurong galuib ka nako tear...bwahahhaha... unsay bag o nimong number oi... gikapoy ko ha...-july


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