Hello Guys.
This has been past due and i apologize for the long wait.

The Pamaskong Handog launched by Geisha Diaries in cooperation with Mahayag.Net has been a success. I would like to personally commend the locals who've stood by me in making this dream a reality. The project proves one thing. And this made me realized that we are luckier than the rest of us. This made me realized that the youth can indeed sunk a thousand ships if unity and cooperation is amongst us.

I would also like to commend the generosity of all those who shared their blessing in all means. For the forum members who gave their time for the project and hard work. For the donors who helped us made this into fruition and for the beneficiaries who inspired us for this project.

Kudos to the following individuals for making this happen.

Jundezk, Maldita, Zabrina, Tipay, Flanx, Mahayagnon, Rajiv, Jivjoy2002, Anne Moren Hangad, Tess Ranile, Swetylanz,  Nene Artiaga, Joanne Bayawa, Tisha Sagario and Mr. Caracol

To Ms. Jing2x Espra, Mr. Lowell Antiquina for the cash donations. To Mr. Pasco & Madam Camila Diaz for the transportation. And to Engr. Ramas for the shirt printing.

I would also like to thank IFM, CLiogoddess, ThelostME and the rest of the bloggers around the globe for the support.

And for the rest who don't want their names mentioned, thank you so much for your support.

I'll see you again on our Tsinelas campaign and Handog Eskwela!

May god bless your generosity.


  1. nakakatuwa nman hinahangaan kita. alam kong marami pang mga pilipino ang katulad mo..

  2. Nice blog. You are so cute. I think I love you.

    PS: Let's vote for Dick Gordon and Bayani Fernando!

    Check this out:
    Gordon SLAMS Noynoy, Villar, Erap and Gibo


  3. ei geisha...im back..its mee batabatuta..kea lng emoterang bata na ang name ko..hahahaha..naglevel up na kasi..la lng..napadaan lng..namisss po kita..

  4. Aww. This is nice. I also want to launch my very own socio-civic project! May you help more people. :)

  5. thanks Alps.

    its been staged every year but i opt to make it private :)


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