Update on Geisha ProjectThe geisha project will soon come into fruition. So far, we have countless donations from generous individuals here and abroad. I will soon give credit to all of you here in Geisha Diaries. Salamat.

It was a drowsy early Saturday morning when i decided to visit Bianing Burlasa at Manila Sanitarium. It has been a while that our schedules didn't allow us to see each other and i just felt guilty if i wont see her especially that she's sick. Thus, as sleepy as a slut that day i dragged myself to comfort my long lost friend.


Earlier that day though, [as in as early as 1 am] I met a guy from planet of the apes and we exchanged numbers. Just the usual gay talk.  While i was busy comforting a sick friend, i cant help but check my cellphone for some new message coming from a new friend. And to make the story short, we decided to meet.

The hotel they stayed at is quite new to my ear. Though i've been passing Buendia on a daily basis, I am completely clueless that the hotel exists. Fortunately though its just across the street from where Manila Sanitarium is at. And so this christmas! After a minute or two of conversation, we bid adieau.

I completely forgot my promise to Yffar from Rainbow Bloggers that I'll be joining the Manila Pride March. Had Dhonpal didn't mention about the gay pride, i could've added another broken promise to the rainbow community. I never made it to the gay pride last year and i was hoping i could grace the event this year at least.

So the story goes.

Dhonpal [the guy i met that day] asked about the event and i answered him the best of my knowledge. I hurried home right after the meeting to check on the invitation. Eventually we've decided to meet at 5pm to at least grace the event.

Come 5pm something.

While construction workers are busy drilling the streets of Malate that cold avro, gays from all places in the country are also busy making another mile in the history of gayness. A mile that will be joined together at a later time. A vision of hope and freedom till all stones are turned along the coastline of the archipelago.

The cab was cut short along Rajah Sulayman Park by the parade of beauties. We decided to get out of the cab to see the parade. Instead of us welcomed by the parade, we were surprised to see some homophobic religious org reading scriptures about the existence of gays. They were in rage, furious and full of conviction while the participants of the gay pride are merely smiling at them! I can't help but chuckle to death at the same. I just can't believe that some people are still living with primitive thinking!

And the program started at around 7pm.

The crowd was overwhelming. The night was dark when the march concluded along nakpil-orosa but the candle lighting ceremony lightens the street and exposed all the beauty the darkness of repression and discrimination had swallowed since time immemorial. Lesbians, gays , bisexuals and transexuals of all shapes and sizes converge on a mission of putting an end to the stereotype thinking that does not belong to the modern world. Straight men and women are also supporting the cause and even families of those who joined are present.

Onstage was prominent personalities that are pioneer supporters for LGBT. Liza Maza, Rhesa Hontiveros and Danton Remoto wowed the crowd on their clamor for a better LGBT recognition along with other LGBT organizations and support groups.

I felt jealous for the rest who march with pride. I can say my gay life is not complete yet.
I've completed the cycle called gay but my life as a geisha will never be a fulfillment of who i am unless i'll march with full regalia and in my treasured kimono.

Watch for the Geisha next year!

Paghahandaan ko ito!

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