I  tell you, am not  sharing this to encourage "katarayan". Think of it as a lesson not interfere with the affairs of other people you barely know.
 "... Nakikisindi ka na nga lang bibirit ka pa! Tseh!... 
I was busy puffing my cigarette at the company's lung center one rainy night when someone approached me for a light. He's not my first customer for the night. He's the third one who ask for a light that moment. A testimony of their smoking habit yet they never owned a lighter for their vice. But its ok! Not a big deal for me... I'm even grateful i helped burn their lungs.
He thanked me and i responded with a smile. I thought thats the end of his interference on my contemplation but apparently, its not!
He faced me and the camera started to roll.
"Bakla lakas mo magyosi ah!"
Hindi ko alam isasagot ko. Hindi ko sya kilala and i dont even know how to address him. I gave him a generic answer instead.
"That's none of your business!" i said. But he's insistent.
"Hey! Big deal ba yun for you?"
"Getting that comment from someone i know, of course not! I've known you for what? 5 seconds?" May kasamang expression na 'ko sa eyebrows.
"Ok sorry"
(buti naman!) Pero may follow up question pa sya! (nakakalowwka!)
"Di ba you are from A|X?"
"If it's none of your business don't ask question!" Sabay walk out.
I don't mind being labeled. I dont even mind getting such comment.
Big deal was, hindi ko sya kilala. He's a stranger and pakialamero sya! Period!
Nakikisindi ka na nga lang bibirit ka pa! Tseh!
Bumili ka ng lighter mo!


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