Jacque Bermejo, lumabas ka jan! Napapaligiran ka namin..min...min.....

Pinapa rest day ko muna sina Maritess at Digna to give space to our geisha celebrity. Tadaaaannnnnn....
"Buti n lng am hir in Dubai! maybe so many sinners bak der! so yeah deserving wat hapend!" -Jacque Bermejo (ano daw?)

Please help me in welcoming Jacqueline 'a.k.a Jacque' Bermejo! Applause everyone!
Maraming blog post na rin ang naisulat tungkol sa babaeng ito (or i dunno kung babae ba talaga sya).
Pero bago natin simulan ang science project, ipapakilala ko muna sa inyo ang babaeng hinugot sa putikan at ngayo'y OFW na sa Dubai.
Nakakahiya mang aminin pero kababayan din po natin sya. Kahit ganun man ang response nya sa mapait na sinapit natin dito sa Pinas, bigyan pa rin natin sya ng kunting awa bilang tao.
Sino ba sya?
It all started with a post. As  Wikipedia  (courtesy of tambayan.ph) described it, 'her comment typed in a disjointed combination of Tagalog and English and posted on the 'wall' section of the Facebook fanpage....' reads:
"Buti n lng am hir in Dubai! maybe so many sinners bak der! so yeah deserving wat hapend!" -Jacque Bermejo
And this exact statement caused a lot of discomfort and angered all Filipinos here and abroad pati mga aliens sa ibang planeta!
Here is what Ryman of Tambayan.Ph wrote about the culprit:
"A Marketing and PR Officer. Jacqueline is an experienced PR associate who has been active in the Middle East for over four years. Currently working with a number of luxury property developers. She has extensive knowledge of the market, media and what makes an excellent success story…"
An spam is also circulating among metro manila's corporate offices about the email sent to Ms. Bermejo's employer in Dubai. Though it did not impose a suggestion of futher company action and repercussion towards her ill-mannered commentary on the recent events, it was stressed out to qoute:
"...her gross and public slur, lack of sensitivity and propriety, and not to mention her blatant recklessness, are qualities unfitting of someone in her role and position as an officer; and although it is irrelevant to the purpose of this letter, her grasp of the English language as a public relations practitioner seems rather questionable. Also, we believe you have the right to know about the matter, as we fear her hate speech toward her own countrymen currently suffering from a calamity will undoubtedly create a negative impression on CasaPrestige and the values the company represents"
On the other side, Ms. Bermejo's brother (kuno) made a statement that the account was hacked and the person posting it is a poser:
"ok! it all started sa Friendster last year 2008, my sister told me that her account was hacked by someone mad at her prolly inggit or may galit… she really doesn’t know or what’s the reason why she has been hacked, of corse she’s pissed off because this person keeps messing up her friendster profile. So, hinayaan lang ng sister ko yun, since wala nmn xang alam sa social networking or kung ano man, she’s a working woman na at wala xang panahon magfriendster"
A former co-worker named Roxy also made a statement about her and a defense to what she called "a comment she (bermejo) never made":
"I worked with her for almost a year. I sent her a message as soon as I read about her in FB and I feel sorry for her because she’s a victim of a fraud FB account. She was crying on the phone and is now so afraid to go out because of all the hate messages she’s been getting the whole day. I don’t know how some people can find time to create a fake account just to damage another person. Mind you, Jacque and I are not that close but I feel the need to clear her name because I can just imagine how scared she is right now. Everybody hates her for a comment she never made."
The outrage is beyond control. She was made famous online because of her alledged comment and people hating her can't help but post what the felt necessary on online social networking and other sites. Twitter also shares a lot of hate response  to her statement.

  •  @VivatRegina Jacque Bermejo BROTHER'S STATEMENT: http://bit.ly/2xLPmn
  • @VivatRegina: @vividph How are you even CERTAIN that the person who posted as Jacque Bermejowas ACTUALLY Jacque Bermejo? I've been told it wasn't her.
  • @aprillou: This Jacque Bermejo person ruined a relatively good and hopeful morning. Grrr. http://bit.ly/KTVCm
  • @aprillou: This Jacque Bermejo person ruined a elatively good and hopeful morning. Grrr. http://bit.ly/KTVCm
  • @ajggentozala: feels sorry for Jacque Bermejo it's really not her fault she's THAT apathetic. Lack of education and poor upbringing does that to people.
  • @dahlgrenjoy: and so this Jacque Bermejosteals the limelight to Ondoy! lol
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  • @angelicumoda: Jacque Bermejos -tonights the last night I'll make patol with ths dirt. I hope we can all ignore her tomorrow-there are much negatives enough
  • @pooshacoo: got this news late.. that Jacque Bermejo is so immature, pathetic, and insensitive... bad karma will eat her up.. she will go to hell.. haha
  • @jrwlozadaJacque Bermejo <- Most hated http://bit.ly/9fO3f
  • @silverfilter: Have you guys read the comments of this Jacque Bermejoabout the flooding? Grabe MAS MASAHOL PA SYA SA MAY SEX SCANDAL!!!
  • @xmercado: wow! I've been hearing about this Jacque Bermejofor hours now. I think she was smart for letting all the Filipino's hate her. :P
  • @purpleaxirt: http://twitpic.com/jdqi7 - fuck you Jacque Bermejo
  • @roninreyes: Hey Mikey Arroyo! Imma let you finish but Jacque Bermejo has the most insensitivity towards Filipinos of all time! We hate you!
  • @purpleaxirt: "YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE FILIPINOS WENT TROUGH YOU SHOULD JUST SHUT UP" i messaged the bitch Jacque Bermejo
  • @fuu_nk: has decided to stop b*tching about the damned Jacque Bermejo and just continue with her marathon. DIYOS na bah... http://plurk.com/p/22rr3c
  • @anroinkerz: Jacque Bermejo: in d state of calamity. people are continusly donating shameful words for her. we've been so hurt big time. rescue urself!
  • @annalizagaspar: This Jacque Bermejoperson is an abomination. She just proved she's an ass. Poor thing. Unlike her, tomorrow I'll bring my check book,
  • @ginwithlime: I already tried to report the case of Jacque Bermejoto Facebook developer. For now, still waiting on FB to blocklist her. so much ranting.
  • @leandro_ignes: Jacque Bermejois a negative piece of shit, so fuck her off! lets all attract positivity.
  • @leandro_ignes: Jacque Bermejois a negative piece piece of shit, so fuck her off! lets all attract positivity.
  • @yuneesom: Jacque Bermejothis is for you http://bit.ly/1ahkOV
  • @eddennnn: reading comments about Jacque Bermejopictures. nkakatawa, parang comics lang! hahaha..
  • @leandro_ignesJacque Bermejo is the new bitch in town. have this feelin that she'l hit the trending topics. LOL
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  • @jhei_kreme: Instant celeb si Jacque Bermejo. But still we're not proud of her
  • @xolindseywarren: This is where Jacque Bermejo   works in Dubai! Email na! Hantingin na! http://bit.ly/TvrTt @Monique_j @Piacabreira
  • @watevertnks: bout my previous post, a group is already created in FB to condemn Jacque Bermejo, http://bit.ly/NheKY
  • @neloi: to Jacque Bermejotry to look on the mirror maybe you'll find the true sinner there.
  • @Clauud: Akala mo hindi Pilipino eh. Good job, Jacque Bermejo
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  • @hoshigirl: Oookay i'm starting to get tired of talking about Jacque Bermejo. NEXT TOPIC, PLEASE. ~_~
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  • @hoshigirl: Don't tell me Jacque Bermejo gonna be a trending topic soon?! :o HAHAHA. Please. NO.
  • @edsregine: Thank you for leaving our country, Jacque Bermejo! Nakabawas sa illiteracy rate at pollution ang pag-alis mo. http://bit.ly/pxWnX
  • @aufsaibelle: LOL at the Jacque Bermejoscandal
  • @aufsaibelle: Jacque Bermejo, puta nanay mo HAHAHAHA
  • @hoshigirl: http://bit.ly/2wE5uW Say hello to Jacque Bermejo -_-  
    And of course here's another share for her agony thru FB status.
    Dear Miss Bermejo, thanks for the insult of the c0untry's plight. Y0u are n0thing but a pathetic bitch who blame other people of ur 0wn misf0rtune. U wil s0on die a painful death. T0nta ka! Bah0g bilat!-y0urs truly, c0ncensya miranda! Yesterday at 9:53pm via Mobile Web 
    Jemima Cebedo Maldita kaau jud...wala na nuon koy ma say da..hehe   Yesterday at 10:08pm ·  
    Mark Sheldon Wong hahahaha..salbahis   Yesterday at 10:10pm ·  
    Jemima Cebedo angay cya dauban..Yesterday at 10:27pm ·  
    Kristel 'Kit' Eve hahahaha! korek ka .. she's so insenstive ai..mayra unta iyang nawng nabahaan..haha   Yesterday at 10:43pm  
    Reyna Elena there's not a soul in her. am sure pati apdo wala.   Yesterday at 10:50pm ·  
    Jeff Klein @reyna elena   She sh0uld've g0ne to her m0m and ask her for sum manners.   Yesterday at 10:59pm ·  
    Con Yap sino yan?   Yesterday at 11:20pm ·  
    Con Yap binasa ko na. hahahahahaha! yan ang mga salitang hindi pinag-iisipan. ibig sabihin, bobo sya at tanga. bobo, bobo, bobo. umiikot ang mundo. pwedeng nasa taas sya ngayon. hwag nga lang sana syang mahulog at baka direchong impyerno ang lalaglagan nya.   Yesterday at 11:29pm ·  
    Nana del Socorro Sigi  geisha  awaya! nag lagot sad ko ana niya dah! kami diri naa sa laing nasud sigi pray para intawn ninyo diha...maski dili pinoy nibati man gani , sya hinuon na pinoy mura kong kinsa mo talk... Mayrag bugnoon na sya sa mga camel sa dubai...ug luvehon sa mga arabo... take care Jeff...wer praying all of u there in Pinas...Yesterday at 11:46pm ·
    Jeff Klein @c0n   Mare, b0b0 tlga xa! Ndi xa dapat patulan pero bel0w the belt na xa. Very unempathic remarks nya. For what para mag sh0w ng kaartehan. Hangal xa. Makarma sna xa.   
    Ano Jacque? Hindi matatapos to kung hindi ka lalabas at magsalita!
    Hindi naman kita pini-pressure pero utang na loob lumabas ka na dyan...
    Napapaligiran ka na namin... min... min..... 


    1. totoo man o hindi (daw) ito, ay madaming nasaktan. tsk tsk

    2. korek papa dence..

      masakit yung sinabi nya.

      mas kawawa sya kung nagsisinungaling sya!

      she already made a statement (daw).


    3. Jacque Bermejo? ---- Lumabas ka talaga d'yan!!!! napapaligiran ka namin... min... min...

      Geisha, ang payong kapatid, na receive ko sa outlook, pero gurl, na-rape ang lola mo sa haggard sa training. Lols.

      Sasagutin ko ang bading na 19 years old na yan - talandi!

    4. hahahaha

      mare ninakaw ko lang yung opening spiel mo sa TH!

      Keribels mareng... unahin mo muna business mo tsaka na yang hinayupak na baklang yan!

      bata-bata ang landi! My god!

    5. Ako rin Geisha, hindi pa ako tapos dyan kay Bermejo. Hmmm, tama si dencios - true or not, nakakasakit.