Geisha Diaries would like to join the world as we grieve for the loss of our very own symbol for democracy.
"...I assure you that as long as I live, your legacy will be forever remembered.."

I was born on the year where Filipino people ahead of my existence are busy restoring the democracy from the dictatorship of Marcos.

I may not be a martial law baby nor a living witness of how it feels like to be in the middle of a human barricade on the streets of EDSA but in my blood runs the very same blood that flows on the veins of LapuLapu (naks!).

I must admit that it was only around early 90's when my mind was
opened to politics. It all started when i learn how to read and write. It all boils down to education so to speak. Since then, i engage myself in readings about history and the events before me. And EDSA revolution is not an exception.

Cory Aquino is an icon.

She always reminds me of my grandma. Passionate. Soft spoken and with a nationalistic pride contemporary to Gabriela Silang. I can't blame her. She's part of World War 2. A war that's bloody and tear jerking! But Cory's war was extremely the opposite. It was done peacefully and successfully,

Cory is a symbol of peace. Democracy and humility.

I was focused not too long ago by GMA's SONA. It has no categorical statements as other critics put it that way. I've seen Cory's footage on her las SONA. In contrary though, Pres. Cory's address was full of sincerity and honesty. She managed to thank the Filipino people despite 9 coup plots against her administration. And it was the phrase that says "Maraming salamat at paalam" that made her top of my fave leaders. Simple yet powerful. Comprehensible yet profound.

I will never see you Madam Cory in person but I would like to tell you how thankful I am for the things you've done to our country. You have prepared a better Philippines for us born after the EDSA era. You have made the paths for our existence better. You restored democracy for us and it was whole-heartedly appreciated. You never complained despite the pains you've suffered on the later days of your existence and you didn't even want your sufferings to be endured by the worst of your enemies. I salute you for doing so. You're one of a kind.

I'll fervently pray that the fights you've won will not be wasted.
May all of us Filipinos will learn to fight for what is right in a peaceful manner and with integrity.

I assure you that as long as I live, your legacy will be forever remembered. I'll walk the talk and will tell the future generations how you've made our paths clear in times of darkness and chaos.

Thank you and you'll be in our hearts forever.


  1. I am watching the news on th procession of Mrs. Aquino's remains from La Salle Green Hills to Manila Cathedral... The scenes in the streets are overwhelming...

    Farewell Mrs. Aquino! Thank you for the democracy we now enjoy!

  2. it could've been better kung andito ka kuya.

    ayala is full of love.

    i didn't even know i was already crying. ang huli kong matandaan ay yung sumisigaw kami ng "cory, cory" tapos wala na naghalo na luha ko at pawis! huhuhuh

    grabe ang emosyon!


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