Here is a snapshot on how my agnostic organization blocked my blog!
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"...Kaawaan sana ako ng lumikha sa akin.."
But prior to that, let me thank Kuya Dencio and Pinaypsycho for visiting my blog lately.
Today is the 4th of July. This is the day where most americans are out on their homes to spend the celebration on the beach or on some fancy resorts with the family. This is also the time to rest for most call center agents. US holidays would mean less calls, less work for us!
But this date is something special for the geisha not because of its contemporary celebration but because it marks a countdown to my birthday. I started my birthday countdown every fourth of July. Although americans celebrated their holiday with a some lavish firework display, I also intend of getting a firework display for my birthday. Hopefully with a super hot papa! LOLS!
The snapshot is the best birthday gift so far (insert sarcasm here).
Hopefully someone genious can help me decipher the puzzles behind it! Hahahahahha HELP!
But that would not make me a lesser person! That's for sure!
I can still blog about everything through email.
To Bianing Diaries, thank you so much for the early greetings! I really appreciate it! You are the first person who ever remember the Geisha National Day! Hahahahha Salamat Ateh!
Geisha qoute for the day: 
.....they said; its better to have loved and lost and to have never loved at all. I said; love should be taken advantage at the onset of it. If it stays longer, it'll hurt like brand new shoes!....
HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY (mga amerkanong peste!)

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