Exactly my point! 
"... di ba? di ba? di ba? hangal man di ay ka!!!... 
 As usual, i never had a good sleep the whole day yesterday. I was busy updating facebook through my mobile phone while waiting for the SONA. I get updates from concerned people in facebook and am so thankful that mediums like this one are now used for stately affairs not just for some personal effects. This proves that we can make a difference! 
I had prepared a little snack just to watch for the SONA. A bottle of soda, some chips, hopia and yosi of course. But to my dismay, it didn't start until 4pm and i settle for whats left - yosi.
Sona started and am locked on my seat. And my viewing was made even more interesting with the presence of a rebel returnee behind.
Digna (not her real name) has been an NPA commander for the North Luzon area. She claimed to have worked in an NGO right now (but i doubt it, these NGO's are merely used as fronts) but I still do not belive in the sincerity of her words. While the president is talking, she keeps on calling her (GMA) diablo from whence unlocked the geisha in me. Not because i had been a fan of GMA but because i lost my concentration hearing to what needs to be heard.
I understand that these people fought for what they believed are true and nationalistic. If Andres Bonifacio didn't do the same thing hundreda of years ago we wouldn't have achieved freedom at this very moment. But rebellion has never been a solution to any economic, political and personal crisis. It will always begets violence, bloodshed and death.
She started asking me questions about poverty. I kept ignoring her for the next three questions. She had negated all of GMA's statement. I just listen and try to comprehend. Until my animal rage has reached its limit.
I started asking her their doctrines. The mission they're into. The "cause" they're fighting for and the idealogy they've fed on their minds. She could barely give a better answer. All she said is that if the marginalized sector has reduced in numbers, there should've been no beggars on the streets. And i said they should've cultivated our barren lands to eat.
For the last eight years, GMA had never received anything good and pious reviews from her critics. From me and am guilty to that. Like other peiople who went into rally, i too felt the same emotions as they are. Fighting for what they thought are idealistic and should be done with grace by walking thru the streets of the metro and bringing placards, humming some chants that sounds like horny cats on the rooftops in an unholy hour of the night!
To be fair with GMA, she really have been a working president. Although she made no categorical statement and objectives on her speech, she had redeemed herself with the achievement she had for the past few years. For me these are exemplary. I must say that because she is the sole president that is synonymous to my political growth and understanding.
She had made remarks that are sharper than a sword and painful than a bite of a box jellyfish!
"Those who live in glass houses should cast no stones. Those who should be in jail should not threaten it, especially if they have been there…"
And this one is fantastic!

"To those who want to be President, this advice: If you want something done, do it hard, do it well. Don’t pussyfoot. Just do it. Don’t say bad words in public."
GMA! You rock!
Paalam na! Tseh! :P

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