For those who keep on asking about my age, here is the answer to that stupid question!



....My priority is LOVELIFE!..




Just turned 24!


I hope this would answer your question. I may look younger than that or the other way around but for me age is something we should be thankful of.


It does not measure how young or old you are. But as you aged it should also be directly proportional to your level of maturity.


As you age, you should also have a wider horizon. A dream to be fulfilled, a plan, a blueprint of your life for the next 20 years or so. Something that would guide your goals and ambition. Something that would lead you and would serve as an inspiration.


For this year, I only have one wish to fulfill for the whole year round.


Career wise, am satisfied with it already. Been enjoying it but hopefully i'll be a step forward  towards corporate ladder.


My priority is LOVELIFE! Bonggang Lovelife. A person who will stay with me through thick and thin. Someone who will treasure my opinions and would reciprocate my feelings!


But then again, libre lang po mangarap. Pangarap lang naman po ang lahat!


So help me God!


(To all who dropped by my facebook, friendster, myspace, multiply, tagged and blogs with their Birthday wishes and greetings, I really appreciate you guys! Sa lahat ng nagtext, alam nyo na kung sino yun, you will always be here in my heart. Sa mga hindi nakaalala, keri lang magbibirthday din kayo mag-isa.. lols. Sa inyong lahat, Tenkyo000W!)


By the way my wordpress fans, you can always get an update on my daily kyeme at this site as this is the most convenient site that is accesible on mu wordkplace.



Thanks evryone!


  1. cenxa na sa erros lshing ako ngayon!hahahaha :)

  2. wow sa waks nagbalik na ang giesha...welcome back kaibigan!

  3. welcome back Jeff... Happy birthday! Tama ka, as we grow older, dapat nagiging mataas din ang level of maturity natin... I also wish you will have all your dreams fulfilled soon... :D

    At tama ka, libre lang mangarap... (Para advertisement ng blog ni Otep)... :D

  4. happy birthday po! ang ganda naman ng mga tinuran... tumpak!

  5. hayup! gettin hotter @ 24. cge update ko broll ko. dyan na kita bibisitahin sa BS mo ok.

  6. ako ho'y napadpad laang..:) slamat,

  7. kabog! priority ang lovelife! hahahaha. anu itu? panawagan? hihihihi. oi, hapi birthday! nsa blogspot k pla wla man lang psabi! susugurin kita dun! :-)

  8. belated happy berdey! :p

    goodluck sa lablayp. :p

  9. Geish!!!
    Waaahhh!!! I miss you too! Sobrang di na ko nagboblog e. Mejo busy and wala pa din sa mood magblog ulit. Haaayyy... Belated Heyfi Boitdei to you baks!
    Sige, ipagpepray ko ang isang bonggang bonggang lovelife for you... hmm... bet mo ba ang foreigner? ;-)

  10. yun ung first blog mo right?

    weee welcome back and happy bday!

    more bdays to come...

    more lessons to be learned...

    more dreams to fulfill...

  11. thank you kuya!
    na realize ko lang matanda nko! hahahahha :D
    teka asan na pala si otep.. hehehhehe

  12. thanks kuya!

    salamat sa pag-abang at sa pagbati! yehey!

  13. kuya dence misshhuu...
    i love it.. getting hotter talaga! sana yan na alng title.. hehheheeh :D

  14. domo arigato gusaimas!
    lalim naman ng tagalog mo! sana japanese na lang! heheheh


  15. atehhh... hindi panawagan yan! nagpaparinig lang! bwahahahahha

    cge cge see yah sa BS!

  16. thanks po! isang karangalang magkaroon ng pagbati mula sa idolong tulad mo! :D

  17. thanks pogi!

    salamat sa pagbisita!

  18. heyaaa ateng!
    thanks for the greetings!
    hamishuuu all na talaga!

    tulungan mo kong mag pray ha! at sana nakikinig sha ngayon! hahaha nagparinig ba? hehhheheheh

    keri lang kahit ano!
    kahit alien pa yan bsta pag-ibig keribels! hahhahaha :D

  19. opo kuya! first blog ko po yun!ganun talaga pag first hirap kalimutan! hhahahahah :D

    thanks for the greetings!

  20. asa naman ka pare wui!!balik na diri!weh!


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