The world is currently mourning for the sudden death of Michael Jackson. And am part of it!
To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the former. I merely remember some of his songs through unintentional recognitions from previous neighborhood noises way back home. His music had never played a great impact on my music career. Kyeme!
The reason why this happens despite his popularity and legendary achievements is probably due to geographical location and the gap between decades of our existence. I was born during the year when he's on top of his controversies. What impact will it instill to a young gay like me? Cge nga! Kyeme! But seriously, his death had shaken the world big time. His contribution to the music industry is phenomenal and no one in this lifetime would equal to his fame and to his philantrophic nature. (Unless geisha will hone his singing career! Kyeme!)
Speaking of neighbors, today marks my first week here in Hiroshima. Working nighshift in one of Japan's famous naitokurabu, catching some sleep after the nights act is almost impossible if all your neighbors do not have any concept of silence! I could endure the pains of hearing some broken nihonggo but getting no sleep at all is a no-no for me! I wish i could turn back time when all I have to do afterwork is sleep with no hassles and disturbances! But am sure i'll get used to it! Hopefully soon!
Greetings by the way to my teammates in
I'll Work on my conversion muna!
Workmode Geisha!


  1. reader mo ko kahit saan ka pa ng lupalot ng mundo makarating! totoo yan!

  2. on MJ: Loved is music...
    on Japan: The price you have to pay...

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