Horoscope for the day! Kaloka.. nag-isip pa tuloy ako! hahahhaha....
You may feel trapped in your own skin, and your impatience could lead you to take impulsive actions. Your uncharacteristically flippant manner can land you into a heap of trouble today. Remember that your words, however casually you speak them now, can either create disillusionment or encourage others to perform great deeds.
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On June 8, 2009 11:44 AM diaryofmiel said... ngano bading lang ang husgahan? hehe
>>>ganun talaga daw teh. kasi bading lang daw ang makasalanan! Kyeme! Hayaan mo sha... hehehhehe :P
On June 8, 2009 11:47 AM diaryofmiel said... di q feel na galit ka hehehe
>>>Hindi ako galit noh! hahahaha Di pa kasi mashado teh.. yaan mo kwento ko sayo pag nagalit na ako sa kanila ng bonggang-bongga! 
On June 8, 2009 8:50 PM tata said... teh, lam mo ba bakit mahal kita? kasi sa pagka-biatch mo hehehhe.. lalo nung magkasama tau sa account, nku super love talaga kita... syempre baka magtampo ang ibang bianing's angels, mahal ko din kau hehehe.
yaan mo sila magsalita ng bad sau.. basta love kita teh.. muah! 
>>> Ayyy, na touch naman ako teh! Pinangangalandakan mo pa talagang biatch ako! I hate you na! hahahaha Pero seriously love you too ateh.. you've been great all the time! I dont wanna see you cry anymore! Be happy with your mahal! heheheh Miss ko na kayong lahat! Sana may time ulit na magkita at magkasama! Don't worry ate pag natuloy, magkakasama na naman tayong lahat! Soon in Baguio... hehehhehhe
Going back to that dreadful and scary horoscope. Buti na lang nagkulong ako sa bahay the whole day today. Balak ko pa naman sanag sumali sa anti cha-cha rally sa ayala!hahahah Bka pag andun ako biglang magkagulo! nyahahahah :D
Anyways, speaking of rally, muntikan nkong ma late sa work! Pano ba naman kasi, ang sabi sa news eh dispersed na ang crowd by 8pm. Yun pala hindi pa! Grrr.. kainis! Hindi ko pa rin maabsord ang theme nila sa rally ngayon. Is it because they feared of getting a parliamentary form of government or the fear that Gloria might take charge as a prime minister?
The 2010 election has never been a question. Political analyst knew for sure that the election will come into fruition. But the country's future lies solely on current status of ChaCha! I once predicted that the republic will be handled by a woman. And here comes the bitch. This time lemme lay my predictions for the next two years. Hayaan nyo kong maging star-gayzer this time in full geishan passion!
2009 will end in a chaotic struggle. Be it in politics, economics and employment. Foreign countries will pull out much of their investment aggravating the never ending problem of uemployment. Global crisis will recover to the fullest and Asian economy will prosper. Philippines will be open to trade and tourism. In the next two years, our local prostitution will flunk and it will be replaced by Russian flesh traders. There will be a security threat from terrorist. This time, ASG is nowhere to be found. They will be replaced by Soviet terrorist and the like! ChaCha will still fill the airs of Manila and rallies will never end. There will be another scandal in the congress and showbiz will mourn for the loss of one man known to many as a foundation of Philippine showbiz.
Manalig ka! Kyeme ko lang yan... hihihihihih

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