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".....they should expect nothing from the geisha"
Today marks the 111th year of Philippine Independence.  
It was June 12 of 1898 when Filipinos felt the warmth of its first independence.
Sadly speaking, our country doesn't seem to be independent. In all sense. No further details needed i guess.
And I can connect myself to that.
Parang sa workplace lang, we are entitled for paid leaves. Pero pag nag file ka ng leave hindi inaaprove? Kupal di ba?
Nasan ang justice? Nasan ang freedom when i needed it the most? Explain ka naman jan!
Mga walang konsiderasyon! Sabagay weather-weather lang yan! First time ko tong humingi ng leave this year, and if they can't grant a simple wish from Geisha, they should expect nothing from the geisha.
Bilog ang mundo!

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