Wag kang makialam sa title blog ko 'to! :P
.....First month on the floor.. I need to work on my conversion...
Start of the month so to speak, and my veins are swelling big time....
Am really hoping my blood thickens so i could face the added humiliation for a failed conversion of the day. I felt useless and unworthy for the account. I felt ashamed for not giving numbers. Brilliant numbers for a training supe whose statistics depends partly on me. But what can i do? My tongue are geared towards service and satisfying customers other than pushing them to buy you are selling. But nada! Am not implying of getting transferred to service! Tenkyooo000W! Mas nosebleed kaya dun!
But i do hope for the best. I'm into positive reinforcements other than negativism. Am afraid if i'll act that way, my hair will turn into mane and i'd become a four legged creature and compete in Santa Ana! Just like what happened to Don Armando, i will gradually love this account. I just need some time to absorb everything. From the account specifics to the people around me. Give me ample time and i'll give you whooping numbers! Kyeme!
Mark my words! I'll leave no stone unturned!

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  1. yebah darling! Go Go Go! I believe in no time you'll be on top of the toppestest pa jud! Seriously!


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