Hello Philippines and Japan!

Geisha is back after quite a long hiatus! Sorry if i havent replied to all your comments and thanks by the way for all the words of encouragement i got from real friends like you.

I admit. The previous weeks has been the most depressing moments of my life. Career is unstable and heart is partly broken (naks!). Anyhow, inspite of all the spits and vile languages i heard from few people, i realized that real friends are there to keep you up and maintain your momentum. They have always been there for me whenever i resort to alcohol to pacify my sleepless nights! True! I was a workaholic then but i became an alcoholic lately! Ganun talaga pag walang magawa! But am ok now! Thanks for all the prayers!

Sa totoo lang, am still floating in all its senses! Am on paid leave for almost three weeks now while the company is looking for new hacienda for me. Not my problem anymore! At least i have all the time in the world. For all who prayed, lemme just clarify that work is still there and i have even bigger news about it.

As the economic crisis continues to upset our global markets and significantly impact many businesses, the company i worked with remains to be firm in its commitment to recognize and reward high performers who made significant contributions to its stable growth. And fortunately, i am one of them! Chozz! In short, may increase ang sweldo ko! Yehey!

I have to make bawi to all i missed to greet happy easter! HAPPY EASTER sa inyong lahat! Don't ask me where i spent my holy week, hindi ko pa na upload ang pics.. hehehhehe

For the meantime, here are random pics of team ernani. A moment i've been missing right now. People i love and will be forever remembered!

Am back for good and am gradually healing all the wounds i inflict upon myself! ahahhaah :lol:

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