bedsheetYou'll not gonna love it. That's for sure! And you're gonna hate me for this but its ok! hahahah :lol:

Lets begin. I had this post last February 22. As a rule, i have to repost it with the underlying lie behind the post (ano daw?). And so this is it.

1. I am 20 sumthing. That sumthing will remain a secret. Hahhaha

2. I’m supposed to be a teacher. An English teacher. But because i hate one professor, i promised myself not to step on their college anymore. I broke that promise last December though when i pay a visit to their dean. Good thing is, my tita is no longer in the office.

3. I am the second child among 5 siblings and the only begotten son at that!

4. I start my singing career at age 5. Join theater at 12. Became a full pledge performing artist at 14 and started my journalism career at 15.

5. I have been an editor-in-chief (daw) for 5 consecutive years. Two years being the head in our high school publication and the remaining years was spent in college. It was during this college experience that i started giving lectures and speeches on campus journalism to high school students, invited as judge to various contest and signed clearances during final exams. The experience was boring! It has thwarted my goals of becoming a full pledge geisha at 20. Boys are afraid of me then! Shit!

6. When i was a kid, i used to see unusual things, objects and feel things beyond the usual senses. In one of my psychology classes, i later found out that its called hallucination.

7. On my final semester in college, i used to teach psych 1 (general psychology) to freshmen. Most of them are coming from the college of criminology and maritime education. The common denominator is, 99% are boys! Young delicious boys! (sheeet buti na lang talaga di ako naging teacher)

8. I started smoking when i was eleven and my first liqour intake was at 8.

9. I am very workaholic by nature. I dont want any task/details left behind. Sometimes, i tend to be perfectionist.

Mentioned above are true! NO doubt about it. Chozz...
Some may sound bogus like smoking and drinking at a young age but its true! Pero putol-putol sha. I just noted the very age i started tasting alcohol and smoke.

As you all know, i have been tagged as Geisha, gay, bayot, bakla, agui, salot, malandi.. whatever you may call it but this one is not true!

10. I joined miss gay pageant and it was a success. I was the 2003 Miss Gay Ozamiz and had defeated 30 other candidates from Mindanao in the process!

I have never joined any pageant before! While all geisha are dreaming of earning a crown or a title, hindi ko pa sya na dare before. To date, hanggang rampa lang ako sa kwarto using kurtina or bedsheet! hahahahha

Sorry guys! Hindi po ako kontesera! TSeh


  1. In fairness, teh, efek ang bedsheet! Puede na pang pageant.

  2. nyaaah mali ako! musta na? danda mo sis.. ikaw na ang exemption to the rule sa 'beauty fades..' teka bata ka pa naman eh hehehe :)

  3. buti nalang nag di ak nagign teacher baka na exploit mo pa mga super straight mong student no sex no grade!LOL!


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