In line with my passion of whining, ranting and mambling, i came across a beautiful idea this morning on how to make most of my downtime at work.

Of course i can't rely much on facebook, not even on ym or gchat. I cant even open my multiply and my friendster accounts. These are of course prohibited at work and one should be very careful in visiting these sites now that the company created and suggested that everyone should be a watchdog! Duhh..

I'm into intellectual masturbation lately than nonsense glib-talks. I'm focused much on my existence other than anyone else's presence. But of course, it doesn't mean i don't care. Of course i do. I also have a fair share of what we call nature's responsibility.

Going back to intellectual masturbation. hehehhe

The very reason why i'm addicted to blog hopping is due to the lessons i learned from the writers/authors or bloggers as we call them. Lessons that are first hand, fresh from the gardens of their thoughts and finely picked from the bottom of their hearts. Lessons that are supposed to be private and kept forever but they've chosen to scribble it on their online journal called blogs. These are the experiences that made me laugh, cry, became sympathetic, made me fell into deep contemplation and sometimes made me appreciate the world that is fiction.

Thus, allow me to feature your blog in my next entry should i find it relevant and significant to me and the world.

Your experiences is most important for us and for others who appears to be inexperienced of what's life is all about. Your personal account is a very important factor for the moral recovery of Filipino Bloggers (may ganun?).

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  1. natuwa ako sa line na intellectual masturbation.... hehehehe

    owh btw i already added you on my link page... tc

  2. mahusay, geisha! that's a cool idea. good luck on your project!


  3. hi jeff....

    i was tag kaya i tag din you sa name tag game hehehe


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