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Types of blogs

Personal blogs - blogs that shares personal stories. 




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Political Blogs




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Starting your own blog

Choose a bloghost. For starters, or is the best place to go.


Create a unique username, title of your blog and choose a template.

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Create your first entry and post it.

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Now, are you ready to blog?



  1. Parang FREE advertisment na to a. salamat jeff! :D

    o pili na kayo sa wordpress at blogspot mga bossing na wala pang blog! :D

  2. hello dence.. sorry if i haven't asked permission from you to have a screenshot of your blog. but i swear your pic is nice!


  3. Aba, jeff, educational post ka ngayon ha... :)

    Bakit kaya hindi ko nakita yung screenshot ng blog ko dyan? Hmmm... (asa pa ako... hehehe!)

    Seriously, having tried both hosts (wordpress and blogger), I find Wordpress has more advantages than Blogger. In Wordpress, the comments are directly appended under the post and not in a separate page. It has a better stat tracking. More choices on themes.

    However, I find Blogger better in handling pics. You simply have to choose for the pic size as well as the lay-out. In Wordpress, I still have to edit the html code to maintain the aspect ratio or dictate the size of my pic, and even if I have it centered, or wrapped in text. Since I do some photo cropping once in a while, aspect ratios change. So I need to do some computations for my pictures to appear as they should.

    Weighing all of these though, I still find Wordpress better.

  4. hahahaha.. sorry kuya! i knew it! your blog should be included too...

    this some kind of project kuya. this is in relation to a company training i'm currentky attending.

    this post is not done yet. pang 10 minutes presentation lang kasi to.. hahahaa :lol:

    will update this as soon as am done with the presentation for more details.

    hmmm fan ka pala ng wordpress ha! :D

  5. Naku, okay lang yan Jeff... Eto naman, di mabiro...but if you insist, pwedeng pwede! Haha!

    Good luck on the presentation... Naalala ko tuloy ang ilang trainings na sinalihan ko regarding "effective presentations", "training the trainers", etc..., laging may ganito - isang "how to" and/or "what is" presentation...

    Well, medyo matagal din ako sa Blogger, and malapit na mag 1 year sa Wordpress kaya nako-compare ko... :)

  6. hehehheeehe :D

    i'll surely include your blog pag ok na!

    thanks kuya! seriously, i dont have anything at hand pa.. this will serve as my handout na lang. instead of making a powerpoint presentation, i deem it appropriate and effective if the topic will be tackled within a blog itself. at least hands on and aking mga participants (kuno) at live audience (daw) :D
    sana turuan mo ko! bigyan mo ko tips!

    like you, its been a while that i blog. everything under the sun. pero i also heart wordpress though my blogspot is still up and working. yes kuya, dalawa blog ko! :D

  7. enes na enes talaga ako sa lecheng Nicole na yan! kaloka siya! ansarap sampalin ng goldbar!

  8. affected ka pa rin ba sa kanya? hahahhah move on na po! ganun talaga! at least gumagana konsensya nya! :D

  9. nice, educational naman this time. kala ko kung ano 'tong google alert, actually meron din ako sa blogger, obscene account hehehehe, kidding. mas madali ang wordpress para sa kin, user-friendly :)

  10. Oo, nakita ko na rin yung Blogspot blog mo... :)
    Tip... Hmmm... Isa sa mga pinaka-importanteng natutunan ko sa presentations ay ganito...

    Sabi ng isa naming lecturer dati, ang attention span ng isang tao ay averaging to only 8 minutes... He or she will be distracted or will veer off towards other matters... And I agree na tama ito... Kasi pinatunayan ng trainer namin... He talked straight for 20 minutes... After nun, he asked questions... Ilan lang kami ang nakakeep up sa kanya...

    So the trick is to have that critical change of phase every now and then... :) This is achieved by putting slides na parang walang konek sa presentation pero meron pala, crack a joke, tell an anecdote na hindi related sa topic tapos sabihin na, you doing that to keep them focused, etc... In other words, ikaw ang magbigay ng diversion rather than sila ang maghanap instinctively.... :) Hope this helps... Alam ko kayang kaya mo silang icaptivate... :)

  11. @coolwaterworks

    Thanks kuya! i love your tips!
    thats so relevant and helpful....

    it will be of great help in my future presentations! heehe

    by the way, the ten minute presentation was fine. sa wakas para akong nabunutan ng tinik kahapon...

    so far feedback were good. antay ko na lang raw score ko.. hehehhe :D

    thanks for the tip kuya.. magagamit ko yan next time!

  12. Loved your prezo! You were very much like a 'guro' while you were presenting. You have excellent facilitation skills. Malayo mararating mo. Hanggang Cuneta Astrodome. ;-)

  13. wow!

    isang kaaya-ayang komento mula sa member ng panel of daut... :D

    hindi mo man lang tinuloy sa japan! cuneta astrodome lang talaga! hahahahhaha

    thanks! i lurve it! :D

  14. dapat 'ning may category na Chorvah Blog...pang miscellaneous. hihihihihi.

  15. Ayos ah.

    So, nasa personal blogs ako. hehe.

  16. Kumusta Mama oy..wana me heard bout your eclavus ah?

  17. wow the next bo sanchez is here lang pala? akalain mo yun? ahahahahhaa...

    nice post jeff...atlest indi na kakapa kapa ang mga bata sa pag gawa ng malalaswang blog...este ng blog lang pala..ahahhaa.....


  18. si pareng dencios yan!sure na ko!hahaha

  19. masasabi ko lang po ay masaya ang mag-blogging... nakaka-detox at nakaka-botox... hehehe

    siempre masaya pag active ang online friendships... mabuhay!


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