I was on my way to the office yesterday evening on board the ever shalan na bus ni claire dela fuente when i overheard two women in full british regalia (choss). They were looking at the moon in awe and amusement. They were like moon worshipper trying to break the buse's window glass just to have a clear view of the southern sky. Somehow they managed to see the moon in full view when the traffic light hits red along ayala and the dialogue continues.

"dapat yung mga buntis takpan nila mga tyan nila. kawawa naman yung baby."

"oo nga. masamang pangitain ito."

"korek! may epilepsy pala ngayon"

"oo mare. lunar epilepsy daw!"

Bravo! Bravo! Ten points for Gryffindor! Hahhahahahahah


  1. bwahahha.

    pero alam nio ba, during the olden days. people believe that the moon affects behavior,. it has something to do with the gravitational pull of the moon which is easily observed during low and high tides. now hippocrates theorized that a person's behavior could also be affected by the moon since our bodies consist mainly of water. now GALEN, further developed this idea and called it the 4 humours and temperaments. There were documentation that hospital ER's are busiest during full moon but they are still inconclusive.
    but still that's where LUNACY originated.

  2. taray! taray mo mare... windang ako sa eksplanasyon mo! parang aristotle lang!

    mishuu mare! kita tayo sa weekend!


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