I hate NAIA 3

That would be the greatest performance of my life to date!

I dont know how to make kwento but to cut the story short, i joined my friend to the airport to fetch her X coming from Cagayan de oro.

She received a call in the middle of our badminton session (after our graveyard shift) and everything happened in a flash. Had brunch at Cash and Carry, went home to get a shower, pack up for sleep over and headed to the airport to meet the 4:30 PM ETA.

It was 5:00 PM already. We never saw any signs of broomstick flying nor coffin docked on the tarmac. We had walked through the lobby of the arrival area million times. Assumed that the bitch was lost, we even went up and checked the departure area but still no sign of dead meat or foul chicken dung.

An hour passed. The excitement and the butterflies in our stomach seeing the bitch in the most pathetic way possible was replaced with angst. We were hoping and praying that she wont show up when a text came in.

"i am at the exit with the guard'

And so we checked. No one was lying dead, not a minute sight of brain scattered on the exit floor with a guard. We double checked. Still no sign of death. Asked the guard on duty one by one and passed through the metal detector several times.

No sign. Until we decided to beg for an internal information, personnel from Cebu Pacific might not disclose.

She's not included in the list of passenggers from the morning flights till 5:00PM!

And off we go.... to celebrate!

Exhausted, pissed, furious, hungry and sleepy.... but we're happy enough that the tonta turned bitch slash liar never came! I can only wish her a natural death. Something like dragged by a babbling, mambling band of baboons, flesh rent into pieces and scattered like shit!

And i sooo hate the experience!

Ang hirap talaga maging Bianing Burlasa :P


  1. hahahahaha....baka naman di talaga darating..nagdrama lang...o kaya baka kinabukasan pa darating ..excited lang ang friend mo at karay-karay ka pa....
    musta na geisha..salamat sa pagdaan madalas sa buhay ko...

  2. kumukulot ang bangs mo relak lang

  3. @ blurose

    hi kuya! am doing great na! thanks sa pagbisita ha! i'll link ur blog here na rin!

    @ X

    uu na relax na ko! hahahahah

    thanks sa pagbisita!