I work as a customer service associate and i know how to deal customers to the highest level possible. We aren't working to please everyone though and we know for a fact that satisfaction is not always met but we knew how to at least say it the nicest way possible.

We went to  a 24-hour resto somewhere in Roxas boulevard for some food to eat after a tiring hangout. It was 1AM but people are still on the street for a saturday night parties.

After checking their menu, i finally decided to ask for a waiter to place my order. Everything's set. After 10 minutes, the waiter returned  with nothing. Asked where our order was, he answered "it's no longer available".

We had no resistant and tried our luck for the available food to eat. It was about 20 minutes of waiting. We got bored and ordered a bucket of beer instead. Another order was sent. After 3 minutes, the waiter returned and bring nothing (again). His answer, "the cook don't want to cook anymore".

It was then that i became furious and asked for their manager but unfortunately all of them are incompetent and do not deserve working in a 24-hour establishment when all they can do is snore to their lungs content.

"sorry sir, tulog na po si manager. ayaw nya po maistorbo. kung may reklamo kayo, balik na lang kayo bukas!"

WTF!!!!! Mga inutil! Untwa?????.... aykog shuange! kilavs ka jan! Pisti!

Anyways, i've moved on! Instead, i want you to remember not a rant in this post but a lighter side otherwise. Here's the catch.

While working in an exclusive golf club as duty manager, an arrogant member ordered an omelet. When his order came, he looked at it and shouted "May bangaw sa omelet ko!" Our waiter, knowing how much of a complainer he is, went to his table with a fork, got what he was pointing to, and ate it. The waiter then said, "Ser, hindi po bangaw! Bawang!" Satisfied, the customer continued eating. Later, I talked to the waiter and asked him, "Bawang ba talaga?" The waiter started crying, "Ma'am, bangaw nga!!!"


Buti nga sa kanya! TSeh!


  1. hehehehehe.. i was with Geisha with this incident. I too, to my surprise in deed I was literally shocked.."ANO?" PWDE BA YUN? "GANUN LANG?"....

    I believe our order is not a long row to hoe. They simply have to do it the same way they had to other customers. AS in nakakaloka...

    Alam mo yung feeling na "WAHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAATTTTT", ayaw na magluto ng kusinero...??

    Disappointing and yet a very funny and unfamiliar experience.

    Now I know.

  2. waaaahh! talaga? grabe naman! ang poor naman ng customer service na yan.

    ipasara na ang resto na yan. anong resto ba yan? lols. :lol:

  3. Ano bang pangalan ng resto na yan at ng hindi na mapuntahan... Ipagkalat sa mga tao na wag ng tangkilikin yang resto na yan... Gosh I never heard any kind of worst customer service experience (sa resto)until I read this entry!

    Irita ko dito sa line na to:

    “sorry sir, tulog na po si manager. ayaw nya po maistorbo. kung may reklamo kayo, balik na lang kayo bukas!”

  4. at nagbusiness-business pah! mga chosero! grrr!

  5. MALULUGI DIN SILA sa lalong madaling panahon.

  6. you should have included the names, heheh

  7. I wonder what restaurant that is..

    They should be out of business! Ang lakas ng loob nilang mag 24 hours and yet di naman nila kayang magserve?!

  8. kuhai pikchur dai, unya i-post! peyste man nang ingana oi heehee di naq maka chat sa gmail kapoi man q oi pirmininti oi

  9. grabe man nimo inistorya... pastilan ini restorant gid...

  10. di q inoopen email q ngaun kasi nttkot aq ano reply nung inemail q sa alam mo na hehehe (ung tinext q sau)... secret muna natin until malalaman q na ano ang reply... sheytz kinakabahan aq ano reply gurlaloo hehehe...

  11. Buti na lang ateh wala ako dun... haaay... otherwise, iisipin ko... KARMA!!! (I'm sorry but I couldn't get a hold of our mgrs at this time...) Hahaha!! Jk!

    Pero badtrip yun ateh... buti na lang it wala ako dun no? I can't imagine what I'd do... jeez!

  12. hang lakas ng trip ng resto na yan.pag ayaw magluto ndi magluluto at paghihintayin pa keo manong sinabi kaagad nung bago pa keo umorder.ampt!

    nakibasa lang po...

  13. Jeff,
    Oo nga, cave in to our query kung anong resto yan.... Isipin mo na lang na makakatulong ka sa iba dahil hindi na nila daranasin ang nangyari sa inyo dahil di na rin sila pupunta dun.... :)

  14. Hahahahahaha!!!

    Hello Jeff tawang-tawa lang ako sa mga blog mo hehehehehehe!! =))

  15. That was so funny. Kakatawa tlga, I wonder how does bangaw taste like.


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