I know its albeit late. Forgive me for my nonchalant behaviour lately. I've been bombarded with a lot of work and could not even check my phone for messages. That was when Don Armando advertised 70% Ciaosale on his website. Working with him for the past 2 years was a roller coaster. Its both exciting and exhausting. Exciting because you get a chance to talk to people placing orders with funny gift messages like "Bruno, merry christmas--Love, Octavio" or "Mama Mia perdone me porque soy estupido. feliz Navidad". Its so sweet right? On the other hand, its also frustrating and exhausting especially from callers who are yelling at you at the start of the call due to cancelled or undelivered orders. But nada! They can't even touch me! They can always say "F**k you" and I can always respond "Putang ina mo" with phone on mute! That's the best thing to do! lol

Anyways, this post may be lenghthy and dragging. But then again forgive me for i haven't been in my sanity lately for posting entries irrelevant to me. This time allow me to redeem the Geisha spirit of this blog. A spirit of unity, peace & substance towards MEN. Chozzz~~~

Allow me to thank not just few but dozen people who had been generous and kind for the past Holidays.

don-armando1First and foremost to Don Armando Galore y Gargoyle. Thank you for accepting my talent. And thank for the overtime allocation to whom i admired. You can always count on me even without queue. (hehehhe abuso?) Tawagan mo lang ako at tatalima ako! Pwe! :lol: (do not click on the pic to enlarge. use a magnifying glass instead.. hahahah)

To my landlady Pinaypsycho. Thanks for the seashell with note and for the chocolate! Thank you too for allowing me to skip my work for a while to visit the mountains and try some fresh, unconquered men with toned muscle from hard labour. I swear, you could've enjoyed the trip if you come with me. Those men are great but i swear to God-- there's no sperm cell attached to it! It could've been lovelier if i got all of them but sadly i've only tasted one! Hahahaha :lol:

geisha007Thanks to Etchos for the dog style (i lurve it) and for the dark cherry mochas.Chozz~~ geisha008I've added another pet at home and a planner to organize my crime. I named him Drekz. He had been very kind and cuddling him is best when i'm naked. But of course, am not imagining you! Tseh! Thank you soo much!

geisha0041I've been waiting for Don Armando's gift but as always, it might be late or might never come at all. But thanks to Rosita Zobel de Aldama for the shirt. I lurve it! I can't wear it without a brassiere though. You could've included one in the package! Hahahahah.. Ang nipis nya teh bakat nipples ko!.. But its soo nice! Thank you soo much. You don't know how much i appreciate the dollars ateh!

geisha042The sound of Mariah's "O Holy Night" is like a venom to me for the past months. Even before December, going out with Conz is like having a concert with Mariah. Laglagan portion na to Salome. But thank you dear. Kahit naging pasaway ka sa pagtulog dun sa carpet on christmas eve, ayus lang! You have been so nice to Geisha. Thank you soo much for the dark cherry mochas and for the starbucks sticker. And thank you too for the dog. I named him Conny. Shhhhh...Hahahahaha :lol:

geisha0071As you can see, i hate dogs. I really do! Hahahahaha That is why hanggang stuffed toys lang ako! I'd like to thank Kitet and Mevs for adding bundles of joy to my room. I have another pet not to watch for. They watch me instead. I still have to think of a name that suits them. I love you gurls!

geisha033Somehow, I felt like a loser working on christmas and new year's eve respectively. I've not even seen the fireworks display at Ayala's new year countdown held just below the office floor. Am such a loser! I missed a lot of events because of work. But my colleagues never fails amusing me. Once again, Rosita, Conz and Drake, Tata and the whole of Ernani included. Plus, the temporary agents we kidnapped from different planets to assist us in our Ciaosale. Thank you guys for the memories. You have been very helpful and i'll surely miss all your questions. Wala na akong maririnig na "Kuya" or "Atih". And of course, i'm gonna miss your smiles and your frowns. Pierre and his pasta will stay with Don Armando though. Sorry if your expectations with Don Armando are not met. I personally apologized if we have not been of full assistance at times especially Geisha. Geisha is diagnosed with hormonal imbalance. Spare him with your curse! Hahahahah

I wish you luck on your next accounts. May you bring with you the elegance of Don Armando. The beauty and authority of Love the landlady. The timeliness of Drake. The adamant quality of Rosita. Ang pagka echusera ni Constante and of course the eloquence, the wit, the fangs and the virginal beauty (parang urinal lang) of a Geisha! Chozzzzz~~~~

For the long hiatus and absence, i'd also like to make a public apology to the bloggers who greeted me during christmas and new year. I thank you all for the greetings and the thought. I apologized for not visiting your blogs lately. I swear i'll make it up this year. I'm gonna make your blogs my home too. For the bloggers i've longed to hear, thanks for answering my call. To mareng Clio na wala naman palang konsepto ng pasko.. chozz : P To IFM whom i distracted from the kitchen. To Maldito i disturbed from jerjer, sorry kaayo! :lol: To LostMe who always played Dota and to the rest who want to keep themselves anonymous, mga leche kayo! TSeh!


To a dear friend and a mentor. The reason why i'm a geisha. My tutor and the jack of all stones.. Chozzz~~ Thank you July for the moments. I enjoyed your company with Mike and Vince. I am yet to blog the separation between dark and white and how a priest left his vocation for his ultimate happiness. That's another story! Abangan.. lol :P

And of course, thank God at may trabaho pa rin ako for 2009! (masusuportahan ko pa rin ang aking mga boys na pinapaaral sa la salle.. chozzzz)

Ladies, Gays and Gentlemen,

[caption id="attachment_925" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Taken @ Ayala on New Year's Eve"]Taken @ Ayala on New Year's Eve[/caption]

This is once again your friendly neighborhood gay'sha leaving you a qoute for the whole year round.

"Wag matakot sa bakla, matakot ka sa iyong hitsura!"

Kampai for 2009. Domo arigato gusaimasu.

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