I felt soooo provincial!
The last time i read a novel was when angels and demons came out of the market. That was like 24 years ago.. chozzz~~ (And like other Dan Brown novels who had movie adaptations, malapit na rin ipalabas ang Angels&Demons sa mga sinehan.)

From then on, i never had time reading novels not even pocketbooks. Kung dati pwede akong tumambay sa powerbooks para magbasa, ngayon hindi na! Busy na mashado sa work! lol

I was running for work one day(as usual late na naman) when i saw two of my colleagues in their seats busy reading a book. I knew for sure they're the same. The cover tells me so! They're so engrossed doing their stuffs that i could not even ask a thing! Finally, when the other one went on break, i got to chance to check the book that made me curious! And google came to the rescue!

Yun pala yun! Parang Harry Potter lang set in a contemporary world. Walang platform 9 3/4, at walang Diagon Alley! And since malapit na shang ipalabas sa mga sinehan, panonoorin ko talaga ang Twiglig ng bonggang-bongga!

Teka, did i say Twiglig? Tama ba yun? Well, ganito kasi yun:

Its weird! Really.

I had a customer calling in to purchase a Shiny Logo Zip Jacket priced at $88.00. We never had problems for the style number and i was able to explain to him how the size work. Basic probing questions were asked. Informed him about product details and the colors available for the merchandise. I was also able to explain clearly that we run smaller from other brands. Asked about the color he wants, he immediately answered me without batting an eyelash and the rest was a total disaster.

Geisha: may i have the color you want?
Cust: yeah sure. its twiglig!
Geisha: am sorry? your breaking up.
Cust: twiglig. T W I L I G H T

May americans din palang di marunong bumasa! Akalain mo yun! Parang ako rin minsan....Tanga! Pwe!

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  1. never tried reading this vampire series. every bookstore has a bunch of these books. i think ill watch the movie.


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