Its quite alarming that developing countries and strong economies are facing economic turmoils and severe financial depression. This perhaps is the worst economic breakdown the world had ever witnessed for the past hundred years.

Developing countries like our beloved Philippines is not exempted with the downfall of major economies. Our government who relied much on US economy had been drafting ways and emergency plans to caution the local and foreign investors alike for the possible worst case scenario of this global crisis!

Earlier today, while i was in the middle of my afternoon siesta, i overheard two members of the pederasyon talking on air in one of DZMM's afternoon showbiz oriented show Talakan by Ogie Diaz. They've talked about Filipinos being reselient to crisis. On a positive note though, I have no doubt about it. We can even laugh out loud in the most inappropriate situations. We are sometimes blinded by our illusions and ambitions. Needless to say, these illusions are what drives us to succeed.

And these are some of it!

US Dollar weakens against Peso
Php 1.00= USD 50

Taray di ba? Heto pa isa.

Unemployed Americans seek jobs in the Philippines
Embahada ng Pilipinas sa US, pinipilahan

Mas mataray yan. Mga kasambahay natin amerikano na! Pwede! Tapos mag-aaral din sila ng Tagalog bago pumunta dito! Bwhahahahhaha :lol: Inday, magsaing ka na!

Langis at Gas, Libre na!
lahat ng deep well sa pinas gasolina ang nilalabas!

Hay naku! Asa pa tayo jan!

Philippines, zero percent Corruption rate
according to Transparency International!

Utot! Tseh! Ang sinungaling ay kapatid ng magnanakaw! At ang magnanakaw ay kapatid ni ano, ni kuan...ahhh basta! Ang unang makaamoy sya ang umutot!

Same sex marriage, approved by congress
region 5 governor and region 7 congressman, getting married before the year ends!

Hahahha may blind item ba! Korak! Sinetch itey!

10,000 jobs, awaits foreigners in Mindanao!

Anong say mo? Dahil sa hirap hindi na takot ang mga porener na pumunta ng Mindanao! Shalan! And finally,

Geisha for president in 2010

Yan ang ilusyon!


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  1. elow Sistah!! ganda talaga ng mga posts mo!!! grabeeehhh!! keep it up..ingat palagi!!


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