Christmas is fast approaching. The smells of roasted chicken and keso de bola will once again rule the universe on top of the philippine island. But here I am, like all others did in preparation for december---working, working and saving for pasalubong and gifts! Very provincial! LOL (shiit! hindi nko marunong mag english! ha-ha)

Anyways, i have no further intention of talking about my job, my inaanak or the gifts i want to give.

I just realized that 2008 is about to end and yet i still wasn't able to reach out to my friends and family in Mindanao. This makes me scared and anxious. Mindanao has a lot to offer for people like us (?). Aside from the typical bomb scares and gunshots, theres something in mindanao worth remembering.

These are the things I missed.

I miss my friends.

I simply missed the celebrations, the fun, the gayness and the memories that makes a very strong foundation for being a geisha. Everyday is like a miss gay pageant. I have seen a lot of gays, trannys and crossdressers in the metro (sorry guys and gays) but no experience can equal the granduer and gallantry (may ganun) of these people!

See how they transform here!
I miss Tuburan.

Nature and fresh air for short. I'm a nature lover (though its not obvious ha-ha-ha). Tuburan had been my sanctuary. A place for meditation. A place where I laid most of my plans and ambitions. A place that fulfills my dream of being Ariel. (look at this stuff, isn't it neat? who would've think my collections complete...hihihih)  

I miss the sight Girbaud.Hmmmmm... al dente! lol 

Otherwise known as jervo, this is a Bisayan term for serbis. Known as men of honor (que barbaridad, que horror!) For as low as 30 pesos you will have a fair share of pleasure in the dark sides of gotham city. Bushes, waiting sheds and barren public halls are still the best place for a quickie. Trading your cigarrete stick to jervo is still the best experience! (mga hugawan!heheh)

To be continued....




  1. I envy you for missing your family on Mindanao. Me? I dunno. My parents never contacted me long since.

    That jervo thing drools me to write a story having that as a title. Jervo. Kewl.

  2. aaawwww, yan ang seasonal affective disorder, heeh

  3. Girl, ang hirap magmaintain ng blog... busy kasi masyado, kelangan may i-prioritize.. Chikka! parang totoong busy eh.. hindi, busy talaga ako.... panira ng blog ang work...

    anyway, yung nasa pic mga mukhang maton.. hehehe :D


    Magugustuhan mo ito


  5. hi dear! i hope all is well with you!

  6. nice... at least, may uuwaian ka na ibang lugar diba? hehehe

  7. wow very emotional ka hahaha! natawa ako dun sa seasonal disorder blah2 anyway d ko nagets yun jervo? ano ba un

  8. to be continued? parang may Ariel commercial? choss!!! :-)

  9. di na raw marunong mag-english eh pang-nosebleed naman tong post nya. lols. umuwi ka naman minsan sa hometown nyo. there's no place like home ika nga. hehe. meet old friends and hang out in places that you miss...

  10. jervo and serbis, taps asked me what's the meaning of jervo hehe... curious?

  11. ano nga jervo? diko nagets... ayus sa transformation yung iba lalaking lalake pero they opted to be someone else...

    ako nag iipon kasi mag papasko na at magastos pag pasko... hehehe! pero masaya din naman kahit magastos

  12. ay bitin....miss you na ate...hehehehim back!


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