I've been bothered by some "attitude" both implied and imposed on some posts i read from bloggers all over the blogosphere. Some of which has a stunningly positive effect to my daily undertakings and ideals while there are few that i need not absorb, believe and even intend to trash them to the world of fiction (sana naging sci-fi writer ka na lang).

We blog almost anything under the sun, everything from the imaginary to the most vivid object percieved by our senses. We blog with humor, emotion, passion, fear, anxiety and almost all other complex emotions are implied or shown in our entries. We blog about personal stuffs, career, jobs, money, business, entertainment, politics and even the life of other people for scrutiny. Blog entries elicit laughter, pity, fear, anger and hate!

There are few blogging for bloggings sake! Others for entertainment, for stress relief, to ease boredom, to get bucks from paid ads, for friendship and some for blog stats!

Our entries can say a thousand words about our personal background. It would expose our political stand, show our intelligence and stupidity, and sometimes exposed our deepest darkest secrets. It would also reflect someone's breeding, rearing, developmental defects, personality disorder, abnormal behaviour, fallacies and fantasies. You can be yourself and be transparent or feed your illusions and be anonymous!

Styles of writing also differ. Others are written with 5 W's and 1 H, others are done verbatimly, some are done in the most perfect literary and some are done like scribbles in the sand or scratches of a lustful feline! They also differ in approaches. Most are done on a first person approach, others are narratives and others are hearsays! Some are done in fallacy to entice sympathy, inculcate a good impression and worst appeal to pity or argumentum ad misericordiam-a fallacy frequently committed by desperate bloggers who need cash! A direct extortion with a cause! But no one would ever let go of a gramatically challenged entry be it in English, Tagalog or native tongue.

Blogging primarily has different functions.
Whatever they are.
Whoever their readers.
They differ in reason, logic and conviction!
Sounds like all three words are synonymous aint it? But hell, no!
And without these component, your conduct as a blogger is unbecoming.

Whether you like it or not, this is my blog!


  1. *restore ata pala dapat nde restoring sheeee*... hehehe... oh by the way, we can also earn enemies here too hehehe

  2. salamat po sa pag link. na add narin kita. you can find out more about me in my "about me page" :-)

  3. btw. open pa po ang registration sa wordcamp

  4. thanks for the info...
    pag may budget ako am gonna join... :)

  5. thanks Mr. 9.
    i'll be reading your blog shortly :D

  6. hoy peram ng tagline ha. I AM A DESPERATE BLOGGER WHO NEED CASH. I love eeeeeeeet! LOL

  7. true. this is your blog and you can do anything and say anything on it. sigh. i know what you mean. i had a problem about this a couple of weeks ago and actually made a similar post about it. hehehe. keep writing! it's a free society!

  8. hahahhaha

    balahura ka talaga! haliparot! lol
    hindi ka naman galit nyan?
    keri lang yan malen at least nagpaalam ka... hindi kita papakulong...
    but i bet you dont need cash. mayaman ka naman eh!

    thanks for the comment and the visit! i'll visit your site too and read that post. :D

  9. Musta na bakla? Tahimik mo ah. May tag kaya ako sayo about Shoe Size and shopaholic..subaya sab kadiyot ..ay bagay sayo tag nato I'm sure. http://www.kikay-site.net

  10. Mood swing pala tayo dyan Mama! Ay senyya silang feeling maganda..patay ako raba sahay feeling maganda sab..feeling raman diba? Hehehe. Ok rana blog di kaayo updated oy kay wala man ka magpaid blogging. kami deri ge career ang paid blogging ay banat gyud!

  11. pagtoo ra nimo na oy wala kay knowledge..kabalo ka lang mo ninglis unya magpromote pasok kana..dollars dayun..believe me..sometimes hundred dollars a day..o diko yan kikitain sa kakasagot ng phones or kakatawag dati. Pero blog mo free ng wordpress,bawal to hehe..esuspend ng wp pag na detect. Matutulog na ko ako, alas onse na pala hehehe. Hoist! relax ang wrinkles sa face at sa forehead. Ang beauty huh bantayan? Raise eyebrow nalang. Bye2x..nyt2x.


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