prelude to the next level

I felt guilty. Not because I have offended anyone but because I could hardly update my blog. This has been a tough week for me, dragged and felt violated in the workplace. I've been working straight for 7 days. The 7-day challenge was like testing ponds age miracle. But this time, I never get rid of wrinkles and pimples combined. Instead, I gained few of them. While ponds anti-ageing cream has a money back guarantee, mine is totally the opposite! Money is another story.

Being a corporate slave can sometimes push you to your limits. It can weaken your drive for productivity, cripple your leadership abilities, destroy your high sense of professionalism, destroy friendship and bondings, leaving you behind the "what's in" and "what's not" and would even made you a bachelor or a spinster. The last thing you know you already become a victim of your own malady. Later in life, you will feel grungy and would definitely miss the times you never spared all due to one reason---the reason to earn! It a choice anyway!

It is with these reasons that I intend to invite bloggers, authors, writers and man of letters all over the world to share their thoughts and expertise on their topics of specialization on Geisha Diaries. From vague to distinct issues. From stories of coming out and homosexuality, from the workplace and other inspiring stories from common people to experts in their field.

For the coming weeks, I will be posting articles from guest bloggers/writers who wants to share their thoughts, experiences and knowledge on topics that are greatly synonymous to Geisha Diaries.

Everyone is invited...

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