My fears and anxieties on the current Mindanao crisis was at least refreshed momentarily by the satire I've read from a profilic blogger, Bluepanjeet. His remarks on the impending creation of a Bangsamoro Juridical Entity was extraordinary but its no joke to someone like me who hails from Mindanao.

Ancestral domain is the single most important and, arguably, the thorniest issue that is still to be negotiated by the MILF and the Philippine government before they can reach a political settlement. Ancestral domain refers to Moro demand for territory that will constitute a Moro homeland; sufficient control over economic resources on that territory; and a structure of governance that will allow Moros to govern themselves in ways that are consonant with their culture and with minimal interference from Manila.(more) 

Territorial issue

Mindanao is a boiling pot of culture for the last hundred years. Part of its secluded forest and rich natural resources are now barren and empty. Many of its resources are now scarce and its flora and fauna are on the verge of extinction. But that's another story.

Muslim settlers started in Sulu around 1450 AD when Shari'ful Hashem Syed Abu Bakr, a Johore-born Arab adventurer, arrived in Sulu from Melaka. He married Param Isuli, daughter of Raja Baguinda, and founded The Royal Sultanate of Sulu in 1457. He declared himself H.R.H. Paduka Maulana Mahasari Sharif Sultan Hashem Abu Bakr, Sultan of Sulu, of the Saudi House of Hashemite in Hadramaut, where most Tausug and Yakan believed Prophet Mohammad's genealogy is traced.(more)

In reality, Mindanao is not overflowing with Muslim settlers contrary to some northern legend that it was. Christians form the majority with 63% of its population, Muslim 32% and the remaining percent for native lumads.

It is a fact that Filipinos came from the Malayan race. This maybe a proof why Mindanao still has some existing ethnic tribes not only composed by some Muslims minority but also by the majority of Subanens and other cultural minority groups in Zamboanga Peninsula. Thus said, these tribes do not agree to be a part of a moro homeland. They too have their own stories to tell. They also claimed to have owned part of Mindanao. An agreeable matter supported by their mode of living on the upland mountains of Mindanao.

The threat and abduction

I was in a state of shock when the news of MILF penetration in the province of Lanao reached my ears. Thanks to sms and the power of texting. Lanao is just a 30 minute boat ride to Ozamiz (my birthpace) and an hour ride to my homeplace. The element of nearness and proximity may have caused a lot of paranoia and fears to people whose families are threatened by the advancing forces of MILF on their desperate move to cripple the government through mass killings and bombings. Two bombs had killed 4 people in Iligan and many others were wounded and lifeless in the nearby town of Kulambugan. An unconfirmed text earlier that day, also informed me that priests of uncomfirmed number on board a bus going to Dipolog was held hostage by the rebels. Later that day, I was glued to AM radios and TV flash reports to monitor the ongoing struggle of my brothers and sisters in Mindanao.

This is indeed a desperate measure of MILF to show the government and the world that their forces can sneak through even the guarded citadels. This is the way they normally do when their requests were not granted. They may have thought that the government will expedite the creation of Bangsamoro out of their atrocities. But this measure does not do any good but aggravate the populace into opposing this MOA.

All out war?

It was during the administration of former president Estrada that an all out war was declared againts this moro bandits amidst public criticisms and religious differences. True to his mission of annihilating these rebels, Estrada had spearheaded the raising of Philippine flag in Camp Abubakr, the haven of MILF's little government. It was then we knew that these bandits had created their own flag, military academy, a version of billibid prison and a government of their own.

Estrada's decisive measure may have been too risky but he proved that there is only one country and one Philippines. The rebel troop had gradually accepted government funded livelihood and benefits. They were at least dismantled if not totally annihilated.

This too should be the priority of our present government. couldn't think of a better option other than this to create a lasting peace in Mindanao. Peace talks has never been useful to a treacherous group like MILF and cease fire will always give them time to reorganize themselves for a more bloody attacks.

In a press statement later later that day, Arroyo stressed out of crushing any attempts that disturbs peace.

Because of these sneaky and treacherous attacks, as your Commander-in-Chief, I have ordered the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police to defend every inch of Philippine territory against MILF forces and immediately restore peace in the affected areas in Lanao del Norte.

We will not tolerate and we will crush any attempt to disturb peace and development in Mindanao. I am also calling for an emergency meeting of the National Security Council this afternoon to assess the situation in Lanao del Norte and other areas in Mindanao and come up with concrete, firm and decisive action to defend the peace-loving people of Mindanao.

Again, I assure the Filipino people that the government will defend them at all costs against any move by any group that will disrupt our aspirations for a genuine and lasting peace not only in Mindanao but in the whole country. I am with you in peace. We are all in this together.

But am not convinced, unless an all out war should be implemented asap!


  1. mare, parang away ng mga palestines yan and israelites eh. give them the west bank and they will still demand for jerusalem. ganyan din yan satin. give them your hand and they'll grab the whole arm. i know some mindanaoan friends who rather choose to die than mindanao be separated to the whole country.

    i also agree that an all out war against these parasites should be implemented. you do not give mercy to those who does not seek it. you don't give mercy to those whose mission is to spread terror. kelangan eliminate na 100% because if you'll leave one rotten tomato, everything else will rot.

    their ignorance should stop now.

  2. I am happily surprised by this entry, and of course to the diversity of the entries in your blog...

    I too am saddened by the current state of our displaced brothers and sisters that were thrown between the guns of the MILF and the Armed Forces.

    I am disappointed by the non-transparency of the peace talks about the juridical entity they would like to create for MILF without even going through public consultation. Clearly, the choice of leadership for the GRP negoatiating team was a failure. The former AFP chief was but a midget in this field. I would daresay DILG Secretary Puno should have chaired the GRP panel. He is for me a political genius (for better or for worse, hehehe).

    I am also disgusted by the treachery of some of the field officers of MILF as well as the apparent powerlessness (or indifference?) by it leadership to control some war-freak officers.

    I do not like the government to engage in war. However, in the current situation, it seems that the only solution is to quash these loose MILF commanders and change the cards in the negotiating table for the GRP panel.

    Inasmuch as both parties are loosers in war, I would believe that it is still noble to fight for a better cause. In war there is only death, and this is a fact that all must bravely face.

    The situation now is a challenge for our national government as well as for the local government units to safeguard the civilians. The challenge for the rest of us is to show our care, not by just blogging or talking about it... But by actively supporting in whatever way the forthcoming relief operations for our displaced brothers and sisters.

  3. naiyak ako sa entry na toh. I imagine, lost children, displaced families and death.

    I dont understand why people could be so evil.

    i dont like war, never really understood it, pero the people who actually know me, knows i want all filipinos to stop. leave this beautiful country and make this country a HAVEN sanctuary for animals nlang. kc sayang, Pinoys are hopeless. i will say it like that. years and years of fucked up existence and we can never really wake up, not in this lifetime.

    it is such a shame, we are great people. we are smart. we could rule the world, but we are stupid.

    we literally nourished our stupidity and our lame excuse for a life. we are hopeless and useless.

    SAMA SAMA NA TO. bwahahaha.

    oo galit ako sa pinoy, kung aangal kayo,

    send nio lang violent reaction nio sakin,


  4. as living in mindanao, i must admit i am not really affected much with their attacks since we do not experience it personally here in davao (God forbids)...

    however, the attacks are so near my maternal relatives (Iligan and Ozamis), I feel fear for their safety. Especially when the young and newly ordained priests were on one of the buses they ambushed. These priests were very close friends of my brother and I have met them personally many times. I felt like fearing for my own brothers too.

    goodnews: the priests are in ozamis right now but they were not able to save their belongings. they were from dipolog city (their hometown and parish) and were going to davao to attend a reunion at REMASE (regional major seminary) in davao where they studied and graduated their theology.

    I totally agree with the all out war, basically they are outnumbered but the government is too soft on them.

  5. hello Kapatid Gei'sha. Sorry for the delay of this reply. Im soo busy these days with sponsored post.. lam mo naman kailangang kumita hehe.

    I was surprised to see this entry of yours. to be honest I never thought that you can be so serious. I admire you for that. You are indeed a no-nonsense blogger who can be funny and at the same time witty and intelligent.

    Actually the post I wrote, made a misinterpretation among the elite bloggers in some fictitious world of narcissus, that they have linked it on plurk and made nasty comments about it. Anyhow my purpose on the post was a protest not on the Bangsamoro people but on GMA's unreflected moves on Mindanao. As I have stated in other blogs with the same issue, If only GMA focused her programs on Visayas and Mindanao, there would be no dissidents. You see these rebels including the ASG are not after lands. Thats secondary. As I see it, they are after developments. Bigyan ng trabaho ang mga yan at paunlarin ang Mindanao tingan ko lang kung mag sa armas pa ang mga bata. Kumakalam ang sikmura ng mga yan kaya nag aalsa. and anyone can be like that if survival is at risk.

    alam mo, if dubai which is a desert can be industrialized, why not Mindanao?

    bata pa ako yan na ang hinihiling ng mga kapatid nating muslim. Kaya siguro hinihingi nila ang independence because they felt neglected. Ako man pag di ako pinapakain sa bahay lalayas ako para sa iba makikain diba? same thing with the Bangsamoros.

    The Problem with madame nunal is that her policies and programs are all short term. Lahat yun short term. from the feeding center, patubig to the pHilhealth IDs lahat yan panandalian. Actually she's tolerating poverty rather than helping the people stand on their own. If there is a long term program on the president's mind, that is her stay in power. she is so focused about her personal concerns that everything she does are all geared towards impressing people, thus missing the essence of her goals.

    I believe in what neri said, she is really evil! so sad that Neri has no guts to even expose the devilish acts of her satanic mistress.

    Let us continue to be vigilant. I pray that your friends and love ones in Mindanao would be safe always under the shadow of God's almighty wings, whatever their religion may be.

    Pax et Bonum

    PS. I have been searching for the history of the Mindanao ancestry, dito ko lang pala mababasa sa post mo.

  6. i think i have to disagree with what you said, bluep. i think GMA loves the visayas and mindanao because she got more of her votes from here. the problem does not actually lies on her programs (although i get disappointed at times on how things move so slow in implementing them). the problem lies to that fact that these people believe they can do better when in reality tamad nga magtrabaho. (sorry sa mga tatamaan.) if you only now what kind of help is given to the visayans and the mindanaoans to improve the condition down here. ang tanong na gusto ko talagang ipasagot sa local government, nasan na yun? ano ang ginawa ninyo sa binigay na assistance? now i'm steering away from the topic.

    actually, it's not about whether it's good to separate mindanao from the rest of the philippines or not. it's the idea that these idiocratic principles of milf and asg, which they say they strongly fight for, hamper the growth of mindanao. how else will mindanao improve if they keep on terrorizing the whole place? they must be crushed, eliminated and zeroed or else they will prolifirate like germs do.

    we all agree that mindanao has a lot of potential and its culture is so rich that just thinking about the war makes one feel wimpy, hopeless, gloomy and desperate BUT are there really ways to make them stop because in the first place, whatever the government does, they choose the opposite? you will never satisfy these morons. they spread terror and the only way to stop them is to terrorize them too. in my opinion, that is the only solution.

    i don't think the mindanaoans are thinking about how corrupt and stupid GMA is now. i think what they are after now is how to make these fools be placed in hell no matter what it takes.

    when i saw in the news yesterday that the government is putting up some rewards for the heads of the milf officials, i almost shouted alleluiah! why? now we will see how they defy and act like judas to their officials.

    they are traitors and i don't believe they are fighting for the good of all. they are fighting for their own greediness.

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  9. *nosebleed

    ano to pahabaan ng comment? hehe :lol: nahiya tuloy akong mag-comment. i think i need more time to internalize the content of this entry. ahehe. please give me ample time to absorb everything. joke. gtg, bukas na lang yung matinong comment. hehe

  10. Ang dami nang namatay ng dahil sa pangarap ni arroyo

  11. bobo talaga yang nunal na yan.. amp

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  13. salamat sa pagdaan at pagiiwan ng bakas sa aking bahay. hehehe! hirap tanggalin ng bakas mo eh hehehe! Joke.

  14. asar talaga si GMA hmm...!! Tagal pa kasi ng next election!

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  17. you always have great and informative post here....taga-mindanao pud ko..did2 ko nagdako...ayo2 friend!!..keep blogging!!

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