On this second week, I feel so honored to have with us a person who is very generous. Two weeks ago, I came across his article featured on gay.com. I so love it that I tried searching for his blog and the next was history. He never had a second thought on my invitation to be our guest.

Our guest is a life coach who focuses his attention on the needs and goals of the LGBT community. Holding undergraduate and graduate degrees in communication from Rollins College in Winter Park, Fla., he is ICF-certified as a professional life coach. As part of his practice, he helps others with self-image, communication skills, self-leadership and setting and achieving personal and professional goals. Here is an entry from Michael Moniz!

Love Plugged In

We have all been told we are looking for love in all the wrong places but are we? Is online dating really a bad thing or are we just not going about it the right way? I really think a lot of us get frustrated with the "hunt" for love that we forget to just be us and allow enough time to find the perfect fit.

Looking for love is not always easy but here are some suggestions on how to make online dating more successful the next time you check in online:

Be Yourself - Of course you knew I would say this. :) The first step is to be real and be who you really are. We spend so much time stressing about impressing the other person we forget they need to impress us. The best way to impress anyone is just to be who you are. I would rather know someone isn't interested in the real me than the fake person I am trying to be. It saves time and allows me to find someone who is a fit. If you have ever dated online you know how few people are truly themselves online. If you are real, you will stand out and have way better experiences when it comes to dating.

Leave the baggage at the door - We have all been burned in a relationship and dating experiences but if you feel you must tell your date all about it, or you must post the whole bitter story on your profile, then you are not ready to date yet. Take some time to heal and really be free to date with an open heart.

If you have just broken up with BF and they happen to still live with you or be calling you, it isn't time to date either. Wait until the relationship and all ties are truly broken before jumping into the dating pool. It is important that all your baggage is wrapped up, nicely packed and left by the door for pick up so you are free to be yourself and take another chance on love.

Be Open to Love - I hinted at this in the above suggestion. You have to really be open for love, to find love. You can't go online and believe you won't find anyone because you won't. If that is how you feel, why go online at all? When you truly commit to the fact that you might find someone online, or better yet, you will find someone online, you improve your chances greatly. It is all about being open for the opportunity. As we know, when opportunity knocks, you need to be ready to open the door.

Be Honest - This is an important part to online dating. If you have ever been dating online, you know how many people lie about their weight, height, age, job, etc. Lying may get you more dates but in time, they will find out the truth and won't be able to trust you. Trust is a major part of any relationship. If they can not trust you, they will not want to be with you. Be honest with you are. It saves time and is so much easier because it is the truth.

Naked Pictures Do Not Bring You Love - Yes they do not bring you love but they do bring you sex. Posting naked pictures is a great way to get laid but doesn't scream I want to go on a date with you. When you see naked pictures, do you think how much you want to fall in love with them, or do you think about how much you want to see them naked, in person? :) If you are looking for love, I would recommend putting away the naked pictures. Some guys may ask for naked pictures but once again, they are not looking for love if they do.

Be Nice- When you put yourself out there, not everyone is going to be your type. That is fine but that doesn't give you an excuse to be rude. Be nice to everyone who talks to you and be honest if you are not interested in a nice way.

A friend of mine once was very rude to this guy. Later in the week, he met this great guy and was so excited for the date. When he went to pick the guy up at his apartment, guess who answered the door? Of course my friend's date ended very shortly and no return call.

Have Fun - Dating should be fun. Sometimes we take it too seriously and stress so much about it. You have to just be prepared for the ups and downs. Sit back and enjoy the ride and before you know it, you will find someone who loves riding with you.


About the Guest Author:

Michael Moniz is a life coach who writes about life and how we can make it better. It shares personal stories of achievement, success and motivation. He writes about ideas and activities to give you a new perspective on your leadership, career, and life. He uses humor to let you know that life, no matter how stressful, can be fun. It is all about living life out loud.  Michael really believes, "Life is not about finding yourself; life is about creating yourself."  Michael Moniz's blog is Living Life Out Loud.


  1. ooh michaal i soo love. i need a life coach. bwahahahah. (Rhonda Britten is my Idol)

    i can totally relate. bwahahahha.

    loves it.

  2. Thanks Michael for sharing the great and effective suggestions about online dating.

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