Ni Hao tanga

My colleagues were busy eating while talking to an american albino. They were actually busy introducing the strange food served on the table. The american was fascinated by the presentation of the food especially our very own kare-kare who didn't even have an american contemporary. So the topic went to lenggua who is Spanish and later to Japanese.

Someone stupid overheard the word Japanese and butt in during the conversation with uber confidence, assuming he had a good command of the language.

"Did i heard Japanese? I can relate to that, Ni Hao Ma"

And they all lose their appetite!


  1. Hoy! Bat di ko narinig to? Sinetch!!! :D

  2. hahahhahaha hindi mo narinig eh nasa harapan kita! :lol:


  3. gorgeous this portal peerless dj,

  4. i think it's portal incomparable hn,

  5. wanna say that portal unapproachable gw,


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