The first time I had my fair share of what they called typhoon in this tropical side of the planet was two years ago. It was when typhoon Milenyo with international codename Typhoon Xangsane hit Metro Manila on the eve of September 25, 2006.

Born and raised from the tranquility of tropical forest and the paradise-like climate of Western Mindanao, it was a definitely charged to experience for me as I face the wrath of the ever furious typhoon. Inasmuch as I would like to stay home and sleep, work had been too cruel for me. We had been following United States timeline and business hours thus regardless of local calamity, we are expected to work. BUt whenever US have Holidays and their offices won't transact business, we are still obliged to work. Unfair isn't it? Pesteng yawa!

Summer had never been this hot lately. A manifestation of the worldwide global warming, maybe. For 2008, we had experience an extended summer all the way till June. But sadly, my prayers for a cold dark night with splashes of water was welcomed with a bang. I mean Frank.

SO here he is finally.

Killing at least 20 people, flooding 8 provinces, sinked a ferry, and had caused the evacuation of more or less 300,000 people due to flash floods and landslides, cancelled 90 flights to and from 12 cities in the central Philippines and almost killed the Geisha by a flying saucer!

Bwisit! I really hate going out when it rain!


  1. haha!nagtatawanan nga kami eh..kasi bagay na bagay yung frank sa bagyo: mahangin :lol:

  2. i love the rain, i love the string winds, nakakdepress, which means, masaya na nman ako (ang gulo ko noh)

    ewan basta nakakaadik maging depress,

    ewan ko ba, i feel romantic when it's drizzling (bwahahah drizzling ba yun pag bagyo)

    (actually, isa sa mga romantic ideas ko eh yung nagtatampisaw sa ulan/baha habang ksama loveydovey ko. mala nescafe commercial.

    sensha na nga pala, dahil sa bagyo hindi ako makapag-update, bwahahha

  3. hi..geisha..tnx for visiting my site..ive added u to my links as geisha..hope u add


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