I have only known the existence of STRAP through my sibling Clio  (we were separated at birth though).

It is an organization that seeks to improve the public understanding of transsexualism, encourgae a helpful and supportive community among Filipina transsexuals, and promote positive, empowering and dignified images of Filipina transsexuals.

It has been a tough battle for every transsexual to gain respect and recognition in all societies of the world. Fortunately, transsexuals are gradually gaining and reaping the fruits of their labor since time immemorial.

However, their freedom is not absolute.

The incidence that took place in Greenbelt has caught my attention to share my thoughts and disappointment. Heres the story;

The Society of Transsexual Women of the Philippines (STRAP) held it's Anniversary on the 24th of May and the girls decided to celebrate this event in Ice Vodka Bar, located in Greenbelt 3, 3rd level Ayala Center, Makati City, Metro Manila.

Before they can enter, The bouncer stopped the girls saying that the girls were "inappropriately dressed" eventhough they were dressed decently, tastefully, and most importantly just like any other human being who lives her life as female 24 hours a day. One of the founders of the the first transsexual women's support group and transgender rights advocacy organization in the Philippines, Ms. Sass asked for the manager and the bouncer was kind enough to let her in, Manager Ms Belle Castro accomodated her and very sympathetically and respectfully listened to her complain. Here's what the manager said:

1. (Referring to the sisters) That "people like them" aren't allowed in our bar every Fridays & Saturdays;

2. That that was an agreement between all the bars in Greenbelt (Ms. Belle Castor particularly mentioned their bar, Absinthe, and Café Havana) and Ayala Corporation, the company which owns the Greenbelt Complex;

3. That the reason for this policy is: "Marami kasing foreigner na nag-kocomplain at napepeke daw sila sa mga katulad nila." Loosely translated in English: "There are lots of foreigners complaining because they mistakenly perceive people like them as real women"; and

4. That they have a "choice" to implement the policy. (read the rest of the story)


It is quite alarming and discriminatory that these establishments have certain criterion to follow and that these are not accessible to all. While it is true that it's their own prerogative to set certain requirements and limit their premises to few individuals, the rule they had implemented bound by complaints of some stupid foreigners, are plainly hideaous and rubbish!

First and foremost, transsexuals who are walking the aisles and corridors of Greenbelt are not flesh traders. Foreigners who mistakenly thought that these are real womens were just exposing their dirty linens! They have indirectly stated their purpose of getting women for sex. They might have went to bed with one and found out later that she's a transsexual. And their complaint about prohibiting these individuals the moment they entered the premises of their choice are simply argumentum ad hominem! They are not plainly attacking their own misconception. They are attacking the whole person.

It is sad to note that Filipinos are still submissive to these foreigners' stupidity! A thing that had always been regarded as a negative trait of a Filipino who has been known of his bravery and resistance against colonial mentality. Truly, the battle won by our heroes against these mentality will always remain in our historical books and has not been acted into fruition.

I'm afraid not only transsexuals will be prohibited in this establishments. Am sure kasunod na nyan ang mga baklang pa-men, bisexuals and crossdressers. And not only that, I'm pretty sure kasali sa ban ang mga babaeng mukhang bakla!



    i think it is my responsibility to avoid the negative perception this incident caused againts greenbelt.

    They will soon publicly declare GreenBelt and hopefull all Ayala malls as "DISCRIMINATION FREE ZONE"

    Kodus to them. snap snap!

    And i am very touched by the humility and respect that Ms. Belle Castro of Ice vodka showed when she formalize her written apology towards Sass and all that she represents.

    CHeck: http://www.tsphilippines.com/timeline.htm

    Mare, Pa post, hehehhe. (dito talaga nag post?) hehehe

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