I dunno if this post would make any relevance on my geisha diaries as this was done while i'm drunk and tipsy and has no severe importance or prominence. Allow me to scribble this post in a tipsy and wasted manner. My current mode for the night.

I bet my body has not fully recovered from the stress, pressure and harsh schedule I had for the past days especially yesterday's wedding engagement. Hindi po ako ang kinasal!

Since none from the groom's family is willing to assist the groom himself, or should i say do not have any technical know-how about wedding preps and lay-out, i was convinced to go on leave for two days to assist in some minor preparations. I stayed in the hotel where the groom was billeted that Friday night and trust me it was never freudian! An inn somewhere in Marikina (basta yokong pangalanan) was terrifying! I always had goose bumps walking along its corridor and the vibes is totally creepy! Had i known it has histories of frightening experiences i should have been sleeping at home or report for work instead. :) But i could have missed one fourth of my life if i did so.

The wedding was very memorable at least for their parents who haven't seen for years after one bloody (echus) avro when the wife learned that her money was taken by her hubby at once. It was a big sum indeed and from then on hubby didn't go home. Instead, went on to live with another girl. Very classic.

It was not until that day that they've met after 4 long years of pain. But no one spoken a word. Not even a glimpse nor nod. Each seems invisible. And their reunion went for nothing. But then again, at least they both paid respect to their bunso's wedding.

 It was one of the best wedding i've ever attended. Systematic, organized and elegant. It was held at the historic church of Our Lady of the Abandoned built by the Augustinians in 1700's in Marikina City.

The reception was at Seven Suites Observatory Hotel in Antipolo overlooking the picturesque sunset at Manila bay and the whole of metro manila.

Though tired and wasted, i felt vindicated for the newly wed couple. I knew how stressed they were and how pressured they had been prior to that day. For now, all they have to think is their honeymoon!

It was also on this day that i realized the value of having someone or should i say the value of marriage. That is having someone you love all by your side for eternity. But its too hard for someone like a geisha to settle for good the same way hetero did!


Bahala na si batman!



  1. i can relate to the feeling...hehe
    'pag may kinakasal, especially kung kakilala mo, although masaya ka para sa kanila, parang mapapawonder ka kung kelan ka or kung makakahanap ka rin ba ng partner for life. hay ang mushy ko. haha.

    GEisha: parang nostalgic! :lol: ako rin eh.. pero parang wala na yata akong chance! haayyy life!

  2. even a geisha deserves to have someone to love and to be loved. tara! hanap tayo papa...

    Geisha: cge mare samahan mo ko! saan??? ;)

  3. "Bahala na si batman!"

    si batman nalang kaya? hehehe.. :lol:

    Geisha: hahahha tangek! bka di ko kaya! ang laki nun! :lol:

  4. nag punta ka pala nang marikina..!
    you didn't even tell me..!
    sana nag kita tayo..!
    sana nai pasyal kita..!
    sana naalayan kita nang...
    sana... :(

    Geisha: sorry mare... had i known na nandun ka sana dun na lang ako natulog sa inyo keysa marikina hotel na haunted pa sa semeteryo! next time gagala ako jan.. tour mo ko :D

  5. bwahahaha, sus. ikakasal din tayo, pag umuulan pero may araw, yun yung day na yun. bwahahah

  6. huhuhuhuhu parang di ko maiimagine ang day na yan! :(
    napaka imposible naman yata! :lol:

    but i won't lose hope! am sure ikakasal din ako! kung di man ngayon cgro sa after life na lang pag nag reincarnate na aking soul into buffalo! ;)

  7. dnt wori po..hu knows when the right time comes di ba po ba?hehehe..malay nio po..mamaya mameet nio na po ka-soulmate nio..hehehee...dnt lose hope...apirrrrrrrrrr...inuman nlng..cheerrrrrrrs!!! hehehehe

    Geisha: tama ka bata ;) malay natin nasa tabi tabi lang sya or nagbabasa lang sya ng blog toz mapunta sya sa blog ko toz ma love at first sight sa akin toz kakasal kami toz tamaan kami ng kidlat! ohh di ba taray ng ending! :lol: hehehhe

  8. at least, andun ka sa tabi ng friend mo - i salute you for that! at maganda talaga ang mga simbahan sa pinas ano?

    Geisha: amen to that madamme :D ang ganda ng mga church sa pinas!

  9. haha :lol: akala ko ikaw na ang ikakasal. hehe. pero ok lang at least nakatulong ka. that means tutulong din sila pag ikasal ka na. haha :lol:

  10. hahahhahaha pano nyan eh wala pa nga akong prospect na partner eh... pwede ba ikaw? :lol:

  11. waahhh...may pamilya na ko eh. LOL. ok lang sayo yun? haha :lol:

    Geisha: honga! anong masama dun? lol


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