I must say, i have an aesthetic eye for beauty. For art and arts sake! My background in performing arts can still be manifested in my daily undertakings. The way i raised my brows, change the expression of my face and the way i move my hands. Baklang-bakla! :lol:

But as they said, gays are the talented genre of men. Well some men are too. But they cannot outshine the talents of gays. Like the rest of the geisha clan, i also had my fair share on the aesthetic side of our planet. In my own rights at least. Am not into painting but as i said, my forte is in performing arts. SInging, dancing and acting combined!

But the person I will introduce to you today had gone a long way to feed his passion for a different Art in the most obscene form. A struggling artist and a talented one whose vivid imagination are coupled with some strokes of crayons and watercolor. Presto! A nude drawing was conceived! Detailed, sketched and portrays a story to tell!

Valentino Zubiri comes from Chicago, Illinois. I happen to know him through this blog. Birds of the same feather are the same birds you know :)

If you're interested to see his artworks you can visit his online portfolio here. You can also download his e-book free of charge for your personal gratification.

And oppps... i almost forgot. Don't forget to sit beside a bunch of tissues! Just incase you salivate and do "all by myself" !


  1. gaga. all by myself ka jan. di naman nakakaarouse ung mga drawings niya. iba pa rin ang tunay na picture ng hubad na lalaki.

    tag dies ra jud diay tapok? diri way bayad.. haha

    Geisha: mas gaga ka!. hahahah :D syempre mare.. art lang yan.. its your imagination that makes an arousal. paghubo daw mam utgan ba ko! heheheh :lol: syeeettt... moanha jud kog davao! libre d ay dra! atay ha! humanda sila sa kin!

  2. hye, gus2 ko rin matuto ng ganyan. tnx for this discovery geish... :)

    Geisha: hi josh.. salamat sa pagbisita :D madali lang cgro yan.. am not into painting kasi.. whenever i saw men naked i can't see their artistic side anymore.. i am only focused on what's between their legs :)

  3. ahak! naglaway ko maski drawing lang. kadakoooo!

    Geisha: hahahhahaha biga jud oh! galaway jud? hahahahhaha :lol:

  4. its artistic so hindi malaswa, in other words di kakalibog. bwahahah

    great one though,

    Geisha: hehehehhe marami pang ganyan mare.. sa link.. pindutin mo! asa ka lang na hindi Surf Control :D


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