I missed this place. A place that bore me with love and care! A place that played a great role to geisha building! (drama! tseh!)

Kung sa Global City may The Fort, at kung ang Zamboanga ay may Fort Pilar, Ozamiz City is also one of the country's cradle for spanish fortress. Built during the early parts of 18th century, Fort Santiago or Cotta, as we called it,  was built about 250 years ago as proposed by Father Jose Ducos of the Jesuit for two reasons: to repel the Moro piratical raids which were at their height in the 1750's, and to provide shelter for the ships of the Spanish fleet during that time.

Possibly the oldest structure in the area, it stands mute witness to the many events that took place in Ozamiz City. It was subjected to deafening sounds on at least two different occasions: first, possibly for a good number of times, from cannons and fusillades of soldiers under the service of the Spanish crown fighting against Muslim raiders, and second, from the numerous bombs on the eye of the last day of the Japanese occupation of Ozamiz City, December 10, 1945.

And not only that!

Naging witness din sya sa mga kalandian ng iilang taong gusto magpalipas ng oras at panandaliang aliw. Sa likod ng cotta ay dagat na naging tambayan ng iilang mga nag-iibigan, kaibigan, at mga lalaking pahada! Oo! Mga lalaking nagpapa tsups at babaeng nagpapatira. Of course di mawawala ang mga baklang naghahanap ng aliw bitbit ang 50 pesos good for 5! O di ba ang mura! :lol: Kahit kaharap nito'y pilgrimage shrine.

The image has been referred to simply as the Birhen sa Kotta or Virgin of the fort, although its actual title is Nuestra Señora del Triunfo (Our Lady of Triumph), a name taken after the flagship of Father Ducos, the Triunfo. The feast day of the Virgin was set on July 16, which is the feast of the Triumph of the Cross, an old Spanish feast commemorating the victory of the Christian Spain over the Moors. Hence the image is variously called Nuestra Señora del Triunfo de la Cruz.

Legend tells of the miraculous intercessions of the Virgin during the Muslim raids to which the fort was often subjected. Oftentimes the fort was undermanned due to its distance from the main Spanish garrisons and the infrequent visits of the armada whose principal anchorage in the south was Cebu. But the fort had always withstood even the fiercest Muslim attacks, a feat which they could attribute only to the Blessed Mother's intercession.

The Shrine also serves as my takbuhan whenever i need comfort. Whenever i need spiritual intercourse. And whenever i need guidance from nature. Dito rin ako tumatakbo kung kelangan kong makausap ang dagat, magpalamig ng ulo from the hideous exams and stress at magtirik ng kandila whenever I make wishes.

And I simply miss the town that embraced me through all years, through thick and thin. Welkam sa aming bahay este munisipyo pala!

(photo credit: Kuya Dex)


  1. ganda naman dyan. pero ang layo eh. hehe :lol: i thought wholesome na tong post mo. may halo din palang kalandian. ahehe.

    Geisha: reserved na nga yan.. di pa nga yan detalyado... :) don't worry i'll post a deatil of it later just for you :)

  2. hehe :lol: woohoo! lakas! touched naman ako dun. lols! sa lahat na lang ng readers mo. baka sabihin nilang may peyborit ka. hehe

    Geisha: hahahhha arte nito! ayaw mo nun? hahahahahha :lol:

  3. danda ng place. napadaan ulit. :D

    Geisha: hi twiger :) salamat sa pagbisita :)

  4. wow, parang na-miss ko yung mga tym na nagde-date kami ng bebe ko sa luneta park! bwahahahaha :D

    Geisha: wheeewww.... :D saya-saya naman! gusto ko ring pumunta sa luneta.. never been there yet... i wanna go there with someone special. yung tipong pangangakoan nya ako ng pag-ibig sa harap ni Rizal :)

  5. I miss Cotta! I bring with me the good memories of Cotta. Ozamiz City will always be part of me.

    There has been lot of improvement in Cotta area. The eyesores have been removed. By the way, I spent almost half a decade in Ozamiz but I don't know that there are "Mga lalaking nagpapa tsups at babaeng nagpapatira". Really?

    Well, I regularly visit Cotta to pray, to breathe, to think, and to shout silently. Whew!

    Huh! You remind me also of my beloved Mahayag! Do you have some pics of Tubaran that you can share to me? Please IM me if you got one or two. Thanks.

    Geisha: salamat sa pagbisita :D its a common knowledge that there had been a lot of negative associations. but i'm glad too that it has been ceased. ganda na ngayon ng cotta. parang baywalk na sya! i must say, i had associated the place with something freudian but i apologize for my unconscious deed :D strictly unintentional. pero its true. there are really people, bad people who "used" to extend their devilish deeds in this sacred and historical place. but i wished they also ceased those acts of lasibyunes. heheheh :D by the way, i have few shots of tuburan. check ko pa ang files ko for the pics. i'll email to you then :D check this post i have few pics taken by my classmate ;)

  6. wow! ganda naman dyan :D .. i think nakapunta na ako sa ozamiz minsan nung bata pa ako, di ko na lang masyadong maalala ahehe basta alam ko peaceful sya na lugar :D

    Geisha: yes mare :D i'm glad you like it :D talaga? anong ginawa mo dun? yeah right its a very peaceful place :D

  7. haha :lol: ang daming nagagandahan sa lugar na yan. sa pagka-describe mo kasi eh parang pugad ng prostitusyon. lols! di nga ako makapaniwalang may nagaganap na "kababalaghan" sa ganyan kagandang lugar. ahehe :cool:

    Geisha: oi maganda talaga jan... pero hindi naman ganun kalaswa. klaro ko lang baka ma hunting ako ng kuratong baleleng..hehehhehe DATI yun. nung di pa developed ang lugar tsaka puno pa ng talahib :D pero its a first hand experience na merong doon nag area. hehehhe i dunno ngayon. i think wala na :D

  8. pdaan... :D

    Geisha: rain gusto mo kape ? hehehhe ;)

  9. huh! taga-ozamiz ka? amp! kaya pala isa kang kagandahan. :D

    Geisha: ahuh! born in ozamiz lang mare... my roots were from ozamiz :) agree ako jan.. magaganda talaga galing jan :lol:

  10. ang ganda ng place na napili ng mga taong yun ah! napaka-holy! hehehehe!

    Geisha: that what makes me sad :( pero i think wala na ngayon

  11. ayos din ah.

    GEisha: hahahhah :D kulit!

  12. nostalgic dahil kay mr.seaman. bwahhhaha.

    Geisha: korek! may reminding factors kasi ng seaman MO:D

  13. ei tinag po kita ha!

    Geisha: cge cge tagal ko na ring di nagkaroon ng tag. salamat :D

  14. sure why not add din kita sakin hehe... nagulat nga din ako dun sa anonymous na yun pero oks lang. kulit din ng mga entries nya. nakakarelate din ako sa pagiging baliw nya.

    Geisha: thanks maam :D ang kulit nya noh? sana dito sya sa blog ko mag ingay. hehehehe may blog ba sya?

  15. wow! makapunta nga jan.. heheh.. :lol:

    Geisha: cge rex.. punta ka dun.. sasamahan kita.. ako tour guide mo. :D

  16. wow, nice place... unang kita ko kala ko sa prov namin sa alaminos, pangasinan. same din kasi pero mukhang mas maganda yang sa Ozamis.

    Geisha: hi mare.. salamat sa dalaw :D taga alaminos ka pala... gusto ko ring pumunta sa inyo :D taga run kasi ex ko..hehehhe ;)

  17. Sige pasyal ka lang, maganda dun lalo na ngayon summer... Sino naman ex mo na taga dun? Hmmm, baka pinsan ko pa yun huh! :D

    Geisha: samahan mo ko.. :D tour guide kita! ;) heheh uu nga noh.. bka pinsan mo yun ... :P

  18. been there last december coz its my mom's hometown and ill be back in may pero never been in cotta recently parang mga 8 yrs na aq di naka visit sa place nyan tlga. anywayz thanks for posting the pics...

    Geisha: wheeewww.. that must be a good experience :D wats ur mothers maiden name ateh? tagal nun ha 8 years! samantalang ang lapit lang naman ng davao sa ozamiz! hehehe :D


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