Pepsi Deluxe

The buzz about a zero-calorie deluxe cola
by: Manila Times

It’s not often that Manila gets ahead of London, Paris, New York, and Milan! But the exclusive guests during the Metrowear gala event were the very first ever to taste the Pepsi Deluxe, a decadent, zero-calorie cola in two delectable flavors—Crème Caramel and Strawberries and Cream. And this new product is creating such a buzz among soda lovers.

As models sashayed down the runway in the most luxurious collections, guests enjoyed sipping guilt-free, delicious Pepsi Deluxe. Pepsi and Armani Exchange perfectly combine sensuality and elegance into something you can actually taste. Its subtle yet indulgent flavors were created for those with demanding and sophisticated palettes. For people who want more out of their cola without compromising taste—the ultimate cola has finally arrived. After the fashion show, models, designers, and celebrities all got to take home the very first cans of Pepsi Deluxe.

Cenxa na.. Mahal bayad nila sa akin nito. Major sponsor ko 'to :)

Out na ito sa market kaya grab one now!


  1. bwahahahahha, no comment

    Geisha: tumahimik ka! hehehehhehe :lol:

  2. naku gurlaloo, wish ko lang naa na sa among bukid na!

    GEisha: meron na yan sa davao mare.. try it. masarap :)

  3. ganun?! 8)

    GEisha: try it. meron na yan sa 7 eleven :)

  4. Nax, great to hear!

    Ps... Me and my sister once had a fish named "Gay siya" hehe

    Geisha: thanks for the visit Michael. i've already added your blog to my links :) i will be more than willing to be your pet :)

  5. sure ka na masarap to ha...

    pagnagkapera ako, bibili ako nito.


    Geisha: hehehhehe marami na yan sa 7eleven. ive seen it there one time. pero i dunno if lahat ng branch meron sila... try it! para syang coke! hehehehe :D


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