Am I alone in this planet?

Until now, i'm still wondering where my parents derived my name (from where and who). I was like a bird floating in the open air always hoping that someday i could land on a twig maybe, that someday i will know why i'm named JEFFKLEIN.

Unique--others say. Of course it is! No one in the whole wide world owns that name except ME. :)
There are named Jeff Klein but not Jeffklein as in one word.

And there i was, searching and looking for answers to the question that played in my mind a long time ago.

When i was at grade school, i started asking my mom bakit walang jr. yung name ko sa dulo. I was asking why i am not named after my papa. Pansin ko kasi sa mga kaklase ko noon, 'yung name nila ay pangalan ng tatay nila at may jr pang nakakabit. Though dissatisfied with the answer, i still felt the urge to find my kind and see how they behave in the society where they belong.

According to my mom, names taken from the traditional almanaque of saint is her mortal enemy. Thus because, she didn't want her children to be subject of bullies and jokes at school for name calling. At ang laki ng aking pasalamat dahil pag nagkataon, baka naipangalan ako sa papa ko na uber unique ang name. Parang combination lang ng 4-letter word sa scrabble na walang score at invalid.

My name was apparently taken from the Plain Truth magazine that began to evolve into a standard size monthly publication and eventually gained the outside look and feel of a high-quality magazine which appeared similar to both TIME, Newsweek and US News and World Report. Several million copies of this magazine were distributed free of charge each year in several languages by free subscription offers over the airwaves; by double page advertisements in such publications as Reader's Digest and from street corner racks. My mom has been a fond reader of this unique magazine. What made The Plain Truth magazine unique was its editorial content which reflected a number of ideas which individually might be found in other news and religious magazines, but when combined and refined composed a unique message that could not be read anywhere else but in the literature of the Worldwide Church of God.

Somehow, i already got an idea! But my next question is Who is Jeffklein in history?

I had tried to search for answers but still i got nothing. Typing the word over google would give me a lot of information. Informations that i once feed over the net. In short, ako lang din ang lumalabas na gumawa 'nun.

Then i realized, i am yet to make a legacy attached to my name that mankind will look up to! It will then become synonymous to Einstein, Lincoln and Rizal. But its easier said than done. Ito mas malapit sa katotohanan It will perhaps be synonymous to Vice Ganda, Anton Diva, Chocolait or Renee Salud (ching! :) )

If ever given a chance to choose a name, i'd rather choose Verenicci! Wala lang gusto ko lang kasi primira klase and dating.Ha ha ha I was even thinking before sana pinangalan na lang ako sa mga gods at goddesses ng greek mythology para mas masaya! And if that happens, i would love to grab Athena or Hypnos!

Somehow, thankful na rin ako at hindi ako pinangalan sa lolo at lola ko or sa papa at mama ko. Mahilig kasi ang pinoy sa word combination.

My americanized name itself is the forefront of my personality. Silent, mysterious and deeply profound!


  1. JEFFKLEIN it sure a unique name but the other one you like Verenicci is something to think about. wink*

    Welcome pala sa bisdakplanet. hope to see you there.

    Geisha: nyahahahah.. natawa ako huh... there's more to life than meets the eyes..hekhek :) Verenicci is the other side of me. My alter ego maybe. OI thanks sa warm welcome sa bisdak planet :)

  2. Ang jeff mula sa jeffrey na ibig sabihin at PEACE at ang ibig sabihin naman ng Klein ay SMALL... Geisha Jeffklein

    Geisha:Ganun pala ibig sabihin nun? :) so meaning, small ako...hmmmmmm di naman kaya green ang kulay nyan?heheheh :P

  3. how nice of you jeffklein!
    but i wonder, why gusto mo ang VErenicci! :(
    bakit kaya?
    Cgro that explains why Geisha Diaries and name nito..hehehe :P
    Peace bro!

    Geisha: Ang kulit mo! No comment! heheheh :D

  4. hi there... :) got a tag for you :)

    Geisha: Thanks for the tag Rhon. Mission accomplished :)

  5. ahhh unique nga..buti na lang anjan si ferbert para sa eksplaneysyon.

    uy salamat nga pala sa pagbisita sa blog ko ah! :)

    Geisha: Thanks Gasti! flattered naman ako't napadaan ka! winks*


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