I got tagged by Zang from Consoling Asylum about this meme and as grateful as i can, i later saw my fingers typing these texts on my outlook drafts!

I am no peculiar being.
Ito ang nagagawa ng paghithit ng rugby

I must admit i'm a very typical geisha who ran around for men and dreamt about some wild fantasies on cover boys in ICON and other mags. But then again, i realized (after reading Zhang's post) that his weird habits as i put it that way, have also been my wrong doings.

And of course, having attended numerous journalistic endeavors and CJA '91 forums, i deem it more approriate to post those that have not been ever mentioned. The word is--Plagiarism!

Moving forward, i really had a very good nosebleed about this post! I have been extracting every tissue of my brain to reveal those hidden in my subconscious and to finally release the wierdest things i've done and continously doing to date.

And I indeed came up with these.

And this is not for the faint-hearted. (Sana man lang di ito mabasa ng lola ko baka hampasin ako ng tungkod)

1. I love collecting even a minute object that catches my eyes. From thumbstacks to paper clip and from fake swarovski to gold coins. I dunno, i just felt like a royalty when i hear the sounds of it and see it shines in my hidden chest. I consider it a priceless treasure.

2. When i was a grade schooler (grade 1 to be exact) i've stolen a book from the table of my faith healer teacher. It was through the book that i learned how to read and speak in paradox. Since I knew then that stealing is bad (from the book itself) I only read it at my favorite hang out place back then, under a large Talisay tree and hid it from everybody. I read the book from cover to cover and finished reading it after 3 years. It was then i realized the book i was reading for the past years was a BIBLE. Thus, making me an agnostic. Creepy isn't it? awooooowwwww....

3. Like Zhang, I also walk like theres no tomorrow. Not because Time is gold for me but because i hate turning my back while walking. Some people say i was like a cadet in the field when i walk, stomach in, chest out. And the credit of my posture goes to theatre workshops that broke my back. May sira lang talaga likod ko!

4. My normal sleep starts at 9 AM and call time is at 10 PM. Alam 'nyo na, professional colboy po ang inyong lingkod. Mahirap talaga kumita ng pera lalo na dito sa Maynila kaya pati pag co-colboy pinasok ko na. I usually wake up at 6 and feast over my fave tuna mixed with sweet chili pancit canton. Try it! Masarap 'sya!

5. I went to sleep naked with bulk of tissues behind me. So whenever i had a hard on, kelangan pa bang e-memorize yan?

6. I sing a lot. But my fave song is not Regine's or Celine's. I sang songs from Pavarotti, Bocelli, Brightman and even Enya's New Age. Wag lang Gregorian chant. Nawawalan ako ng libog 'nyan. Request and you shall be granted!

7. If given a chance to be into other shoes, i would like to be a bonafide pauper, a beggar. Maybe because as of now tinatamad na akong magtrabaho! I'll prefer begging for food, money, sex and love! But I realized bad yun kasi for me "ang tamad ay walang karapatang kumain ng titi"!

Those are the only things I consider unique in me. The rest has already been mentioned and i bet you too have something to say about it.

Help me collate my peculiarities, Slap me some comments! Salamat! 


  1. gaga! haha.. nakakatawa tong post mo. in fairness, like you I do #7. parang wala akong balak magtrabaho. pagod lang kasi. gusto ko isusubo lang sa akin lahat ng gusto ko, pati na titi. haha

  2. i already updated ur link! i think i can very much relate to you on the sleeping in d nude, hehehe, but not often at walang na yang tissue tissue na yan! :)

  3. cge cge.. papalitan ko yung link pero link mo din ako wala ako dito eh

  4. bwahahahhahha.... malamang pag nabasa to ng lola mo lagot ka!
    pero hmmmm curious lang ako, may blog din ba lola mo?

    peace bro! Love it!

  5. sureness... ^^ thanks for the add!

  6. luka luka! shocks, may postura pag naglakad..hahahah

    Geisha: yes mare! signature ko yan! :)


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