• may dumaang guapo at di mo mapigilang mapalingon.

  • when it's a big deal for u as to who's going to sing the national anthem in a boxing match.

  • very much affected by the network war between ABS-CBN and GMA!

  • You've got sunscreen at every conceivable SPF level.

  • when nahuhuli mo palagi ang sarili mo na bumibirit ng mga songs ni regine velasquez

  • when your entire wardrobe consists of:
    1. topman
    2. f&h
    3. philosophy

  • you visit Guys4men.com

  • when you know MARTHA STEWART..

  • if you watch oprah

  • you are so defensive when someone asks you and let others know how "barako" you are when in fact you're so gay

  • when you prefer to play with sister's barbie dolls over your own action figures

  • when you know that RIYO MIRO is the second MISS UNIVERSE winner from japan.

  • when you insist on collecting she-ra action figures instead of he-man

  • when you suspect that all good looking guys are gay..

  • ngkagusto ka sa guy

  • when u see naomi campbell walk on the runway and think, "oh i wish i was that beyotch!"

  • kung natapilok ka at ang tanging maririnig sa yo ay ang mga katagang:"ay puke!"

  • nakastanding collar ka parati!

  • when ur super attached to ur male bestfriend?

  • when : 1. u want to be fucked
    2. u want to suck
    3. addicted to sex
    4. love etits
    5. prefer free sex (SEB/EB)

  • nanonood ka sa etc at velvet, more than one ang baller tags na suot mo, nag-sasauna ka sa fitness first, may brief ka na bench na printed :-)

  • it takes you two hours maligo at mag-ayos ng buhok, kasi matagal gumamit ng ceramic iron!

  • kapg nakikipgsex ka sa lalaki at sasabihn mo na trip trip lng ksi sawa ka na sa babae... lolz

  • when you know all the names of the crowned Ms. Universe including their country and the year they've won...

  • when you can't help yourself to look at your reflection whenever you pass by a mirror (or anything that you can see you reflection on...)

  • when your gay eyes look what lies below a guy's abs ;-)

  • when u find urself sucking others dick!!!

  • when you dream of being a flight stewardess rather than airplane mechanic

  • If u stare at a guy for more than 3 seconds...

  • Kapag sumakay ka na sa roller coaster at puro tili lang ang naririnig sa yo.

You know you are gay when you read this post and smile to your hearts content dahil nakakarelate kang bakla ka!




  1. hmmmmm nakakarelate ka mare?hehehe
    i guess not!
    straight ka naman eh... :)


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