Here are questions thrown against me by some readers that keeps their identity anonymous. At first, i was afraid, i was pertrified! (parang kumanta lang..hihihi). Nosebleed ako sa mga tanong, but as the pageant goes on, i keep a proper demeanor, poise of a beauty titlist and maintain calm and relax while uttering the words from my head. (choz)

Kaya naman....

Dahil binasa mo ang post na 'to, ikaw ang susunod na sasagot sa mga tanong na 'to. Don't worry you will not be judged according to grammar and diction but by wits and intelligence.

Let's start:


If you will be given a chance to become a woman in just 24hrs, whats the best 3 things you will do for the country?If I would be a woman for one whole day, I would definitely joined three major advocates:

.:breastfeeding movement
.:anti-violence against women
Breastfeeding promotes child-development at its most natural cause and it helps intensify the real essence of being a woman - and motherhood.

Anti-violence against women because there are a lot of battered wives in our country who need to find a voice even for just a day and I shall be that voice.

Contraception is very important for our society. Not that I am advocating against the major religion in the country - catholicism - but i feel that a third world country like ours should limit the growth of population and improve the standard of living of its people before we can actually employ natural family planning methods. With a knowledgeable society on contraception, we diminish the incidence of STDs and HIV and AIDS. And we help women live healthier lives with enough time for themselves and with the right choices.

Because when I become a woman, I shall be a woman of truth, of love and of beauty.

I thank you!
 (o di ba ang taray!)

If you are a woman , what is the role of a woman when a nation is in danger ?

Woman may be very subjective in all sense and style but i love their empathic attributes in nature. Thus, if i were a woman, i will uplift every soul in unison, in prayers, and will serve as the light towards people making them think positively and decide matters accordingly.

Having the heart of a woman and a body of a man, as the bible says, "go forth and multiply", how will you stand in between?

Honorable board of judges, ladies and gentlemen, thanks for the nosebleed! (humanda kayo mamaya paglabas 'nyo..uupakan ko kayo!lol)

I simply love the question. The person who made it didn't realized that after all, its not the womanly heart that makes population grow but the manly lust. Men are born to be wild regardless of gender preferences. On the biblical point of view, men having a heart of a woman is condemnable and i don't want to aggravate that either.

The phrase was an expression of practically back then since there were only Adam and Eve in the world. Basically, they have to multiply. But now that the world is overpopulated, i perfectly filled in because i don't have an ovary.

To realize the phrase "go forth and multiply" i will function the way i was purposely made to be. Pleasure or multiplication doesn't make sense. Either way, i still use my penis.



And since masyadong seryoso ang previous questions, I believe, pang Miss Universe lahat yun(..chozz) heto naman ang mga questions na pang miss gay jurassic.

Answer these like theres no tommorrow:

Kung mamamatay ka bukas, bakit di pa ngayon?

Kung may tatlong pirasong buhok ka na lang sa ulo mo, anong mas gugustuhin mo. Magkakatabi sila or magkakahiwalay?

Kung ikaw na lang ang huling bakla sa mundo kapiling ng mga bilat, ano ang gagawin mo upang mag-survive ang mga tao?Kung bukas and 7Eleven 24hours a day at 7days a week, para saan ang lock nito?


Tag ko sina Miss Kurdapya , Zang , Bomba ,Chuvaness ,Mrs. J ,Roguey ,Rey at Mandayamoore-orlis .


  1. anak ng! ang hirap ng tag mo neng! anubah!hahaha, pero sige i'll answer it like there's no tomorrow. lol...naka line up itetch ha. mwah.tnx

  2. which questions must i answer?
    yung seryoso or yung pang miss gay jurassic?

  3. mhmmm... b et ko to will do tpusin k lng ang thesis ko|!

  4. GALING MO!!!!! tawa ako ng tawa kahit nag-iisa lang ako sa flat ko, hehehehe.....matagal na 'kong baliw! sasagutin ko jurassic question mo:

    Ayokong mamatay ngayon, mamayang gabi pa matatapos yung iniimbento kong immortality potion.

    gusto ko magkakatabi yung tatlong buhok, hagud-hagurin ko man, di basta basta mabubunot, tatlo na nga lang, mababawasan pa!

    masyadong wide yung word na bakla, me mga baklang me asawa't mga anak ng hantaran pero here's my answer: papupuntahin ko sila ke duktor beke belo para magpatubo ng bigote at balbas, breast reduction, samahan na rin ng hair implant sa chest area. Pigtapos nun, pede na! dadami na kami!!!!

    pag me riot sa labas ng 7 11 at nasa loob ka, lock mo pinto, safe ka!
    pag pinasara ng cityhall dahil merong nangyayaring anumalya!

  5. thanks partofyou:) natuwa naman ako sa sgot mo...

    you rock!

  6. kala ko nman, anung pambansang hayup lang ang tanong,

    peste di ko kayang sagutin yan, wala ako time choze~

  7. gees!!! NAHIRAPAN akong sagutin yung if i am a woman... he he he.. mahirap pala maging babae..

    well anyways,,,

    kung ikaw ay isang ipis, paano ka makakatulong sa ekonomiya ng Pilipinas?

    wala lang...

    salamat kung ililink mo ako dito.. dontcha worry ill definitely do the same!!! Merry Christmas!!

  8. geisha..!
    happy new year..!
    wala na ang BOMBA!!! blogger..!
    lumipat na ako sa wordpress..!
    paki update naman ang link ko sa iyo..!
    it's now..:
    salamat nang so much..!
    see you there..!


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