its been a while since i haven't had a chance to check my call recordings. during coaching sessions, i just nod and said yes to my analyst to make every session short. so long as i got a passing QA scores, i won't have to feel worry about it.

at dahil maaga ako pumasok today, minabuti kong dalawin ang mga call recordings ko na naka save sa Verint. to my surprise parang spaghetti ang scores ko. pababa ng pababa! di tuloy ako makakatanggap ng gift card! kainis!

being a highest paid tambay is not an easy task. akala 'nyop madali tumanggap ng calls? definitely not! a customer service representatives, we live to the golden rule of giving resolutions to every call, treat it professionally, and observe proper procedures and call flow (e.i. verification, grammar, diction, disclaimers at ang nakaka nosebleed na client procedure).

our client is a line of clothing  that caters all ages in US and Canada. basically, we accept orders and check status on it using specific tools and support sites. candidly speaking, its an ardous task. there are a lot of things to consider on every call you will attend to! kaya nga pababa ng pababa aking QA scores dahil na rin sa pressure and inis sa ibang customers at sigurado akong di na tataas yun lalo na ngayung sale season!

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  1. Mr. mark lorenzoMay 21, 2008 at 12:51 AM

    **urgently needed!!!
    30k salary;CV&TOR/diploma


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