Why Santa can't possibly be a man:Men can't pack a bag.

Men would rather be dead than caught wearing red velvet.

Men don't answer their mail.

Men never remember what anyone wants for Xmas.

On the other hand:

Who else but a man would

Be really generous only once a year,

Be totally uninvolved the other 11 months,

and yet think he was a saint?

Plus ... No woman is going to wear the same outfit, year after year after year!

Strange Santa fact

Talking of that red Santa outfit…You probably know this one, but it still surprises me every year when the Coke ads on TV remind me: Santa only dresses in red in the popular mind, and in shopping centre grottos up and down the country, and on Xmas cards etc. etc…because Coca-Cola dressed him in red for their Xmas ads decades ago and have been doing so ever since. Until Coca-Cola set out to ‘own’ Santa by dressing him in their corporate colour, all the pictures of Santa Claus showed him dressed in green.

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