I was left behind

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It's ok i'm used to it!

My first roomate once left me without any notice leaving me with debts to consolidate. My cousin who replaced him, after few months also left unnoticed because he was broke. Shameful for not sharing any bucks, he decided to leave at least!

But that's another story. Here is what makes me sad.

I arrived in Manila almost two years ago with a jute sack. He he he! My friends who were applying for abroad then were my buddies. We usually hang out during restdays somewhere in Caloocan. Those were the memorable days we had. Inuman, kantahan, sayawan at higit sa lahat ang aming walang katapusang out of towns.

But they have left me for good. For their own good basically.

Grace left for Kuwait working in a five star hotel.

While Sandra left for Italy to work in a cruise ship.

Ako kaya? Kelan kaya ako aalis sa putik na kinatatayuan ko?
well, that's a ten million dollar question!

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