I reported for work today three hours before my shift! Though its normal for me to be at the workplace an hour before my shift, i was too stupid to check my new schedule! Daylight Saving Time (DST) has expired or should i say, is no more applicable. Thus, instead of 10 PM, my shift is now at 11 PM.

HAving thought of doing some healthy stuff in my desk, i realized i could pen down some ideas how to make the most of my time. Sitting here for eight long hours is no joke. So instead of staring at your monitor for some pornographic sites ( its not allowed here though), here are some of my recommended things to do.

1. try google search
Are you puzzled with some questions? Try searching that at google.com! The most weird and the most stupid question you have will get its answers! Just don't ask whether you're gay or not!

2. scan your drawers
There are times when we just insert papers and stuffs on our drawers regardless of its usefullness. This time, try to do some modification by arranging envelopes, folders and papers according to date and according to category (e.i. personal, business, policies, communications, etc). In this manner you can easily locate your stuff and junk some papers that maybe a mere cog in the wheel.

3. check your inbox
In this paperless world, we're sometimes too lazy to check emails or read it perhaps. More often than not, we may have seen some messages from friends but we are too lazy to reply or even read what its all about. Nows the best time to double check on your inbox and delete some emails that have not been in correspondence for a week. Make sure that you have folders to sort it out from business, personal, friends, family members, officemates and thoughts you wanted to share afterwards. You also have the options of saving those message from loved ones in a personalized folder.

4. clean your desk
Cleaning your desk is a very trivial task. Don't be too dependent for some office utilities to do it for you. Spare them the task of cleaning your mess by doing it yourself. In that way, you can exercise your limbs and the utilities can rest!

5. sleep
If you can barely think of some stuffs to do other than making tsismis in the workplace, it would be advisable for you to sleep! Most offices that caters 24 hour service have sleep rooms in it. You can do it in your desk for some power nap or do it in the sleep room for an hour or two. I wouldn't advise people to jump to other desk for the hottest showbiz chismis or the newest celebrity hunks! Instead of making your downtime fruitful, you are just consuming your saliva to a nonsense talks or even distracting your fellows on things they're busy of.



  1. i've added you already.. thanks, hope you'll add my link too...

    btw.. winner ka sa gown.. i love it!

    back to your post...

    ako kapag vacant time.. which is sobrang konti lng...

    i sleep..blog..sleep.. sometimes.. make labing labing only... :)

    have a nice day!

  2. nyahahhha..thanks miss kurdapya...

    i'll add you shortly..

    salamat sa pagpuna sking bedsheet!hehehe minsan nga kurtina at carpet eh..yan na mismo ang gown ko..heheh

    check mo yung post ko about that gown entitled "when bedsheet were turned into gown"

    bihira na lang ang labing-labing skin...tagal ng tigang..di pa nadalaw..hihih


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