it was a week ago when gary seek a permission from me.
i wonder why he has to do so when in the first place we always have some private moments by ourselves. there are times when we never run out of stories, cracking jokes, tease each other, and stay awake the whole night listening to each others rant. but, there are also times when we can only feel each others presence. looking each other without a sound. counting stars and waiting for falling stars, that we'd never did!

his friend invited him to pangasinan for the election bout. i never had any second thought of saying GO. i also want him to go out of town and have fun. though my feet were protesting upon his invitation, i can't help but stay. i've had a lot of leaves lately and i dont want to get a warning for my SA (schedule adherence).

he stayed at my place for a night, bidding adieu for tomorrow's adventure. i hugged him so tight and the rest was another history....(censored)!

everytime i see the pillow he gave me, i can't help but missed him!(shit)he had called me the other night informing that they needed to extend another week to conquer the hundred islands! i should've been there! or should i say, i should have not allowed him to go.

his texts keep me sane..(nyahahha)

tomorrow will be the election and i am expecting to see him the following day.

but since the plan changed, i will be hugging pillows again prolonging my agony!

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