Deeply profound.

my silence has a cause. i never had dull moments. more often, when i shut my big mouth, my inner self is protesting and starts my mind to function (at least it does).

there are certain points in life when i wanted to stay away from the chaotic public, polluted world and convivial friends. i just loved my privacy.

there are matters that i love to dissect and issues i love to contemplate. be it personal, civic, political or universal (alien know)!

it was almost 11 am when i woke up from the hotel room me and my partner gary spend our restdays. since the free breakfast is no longer available (6 am to 9 am only)i rushed to the phone to check the hotel resto if there are leftover foods around (nyahahahha). i woke him (gary) up and we headed to the mezzanine for our brunch. much to our surprise, the floor is ours to roam around. i've never seen any waiter/ress, not even a guest! they were all at the left side of the mezzanine glued to a piece of TV set watching the trial fo the century--the estrada plunder case. filipinos and foreigner alike! (hmmm i was thinking why those foreign guests were so interested in philippine politics)I can't figure that out!

though interested on the sight, my hunger leads me to pick some foods at the buffet table. fresh milk, fried eggs, bread, fried rice, fruits and some sauces and were all set.

a moment of silence. were too hungry to talk though (lmao)when the crowd behind us explode! GUilty!GUilty!GUilty!GUilty! they were all cheering i guess! thats all and i sighed!

i left gary at the mezz and went upstairs to see the whole event myself. i switch on the tube and almost all local tv networks were broadcasting the trial live! some were so glad for the verdict others fall into tears! but that event took place almost two months ago.

but now, everything has its twist!

amidst the country's chaotic condition, a new phase of history was made into fruition. from the ZTE scandal, palace bribery to the alledge glorietta bombing down to the president's future impeachment, the counrty seems to be ripped apart by all ways and means. people have no focus. minds were shattered, scattered and mazed! no one has ever known where to dig their minds into!

and just in time when all were weary and confused, the president through an executive order issued an executive clemency to the convicted, deposed president estrada after 6 and a half year of imprisonment revoking previous verdict given by the sandigangbayan and the supreme court!

Gloria may be pious to her will of using her absolute power to the culprit but if she made it to cover up her previous scandals and the palace's misfortunes from the rants of the opposition, i say, to hell with her!

Ramos is true. GMA should not be pressured in deciding the pardon to Estrada. after all, Erap had never ever in any way or another admitted guilty on all the cases fired against him!

the country's misfortunes from the hands of these corrupt officials will truly push aside the good values that we filipinos were known for!

corruption will soon be synonymous with philippines! be it in history books, dictionary or thesaurus!

"Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow.”

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