I rarely watch and I must admit that i've never contributed anything to the country's film industry. Not even a single dime, nor even stare at its trailers.
But of course, when i was a kid i used to be fascinated with the sitcom "Ok Ka Fairy ko" due to its fantastic appeal to kids. I rarely watch filipino love stories nor action films not because of its scarcity during those times but because the aesthetic appeal of every films are lacking. With few exemptions of course! Lino Brocka's obra are great. But i was never inclined to those then.

Usually, films during the 80's are typical pa-twetums and pa-cute effect. The setting are either in school or in parks and the usual villains are their parents who hated their boyfriends. And who would ever forget the end scene or finale when all the casts are either seen on the playground or beach dancing and singing to the tune of the film's title itself! From then on, everytime a new film comes out, i would always have a premonition of its plot, setting and genre. Some Filipino films are so predictable in nature. Lahat ng kontrabida ay either namamatay or the antagonist vindicated. I can't even remember if there is really one film that ends in tragedy. Ewan ko na lang kung kikita sa takilya pag ganoon and genre. A crap of nonsense!

It was only last week when an officemate convince me to watch the last full show at Glorietta. She knew i rarely watch pinoy films. A thing she is hesitant about having me as companion. But she had no choice, I was the only one vacant after her shift. We ended up sitting at the front seat of Cinema 1. At first i was fascinated with some hollywood trailers and added few to the lists of my restday's movie marathon. A thing that had only been discovered by my cousin who saw my piles of DVD collection.

Lights off and the show begins.

A Love Story. A film by Maryo delos Reyes starred by Aga, Maricel and Angelika Panganiban.

At first i thought this is simply the same films i feared about. But i was wrong. I was extremely glued to my seat that i didn't realized i simply loved it!

It was an awesome film. My mind had changed for the better i guess. I now have a reason going out on movie houses even if the shows are filipino made!

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